Emit II Plus Oxycodone Assay
Enabling early detection of pain prescription abuse

Emit II Plus Oxycodone Assay
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The Emit II Plus Oxycodone assay offers 100 ng/mL and 300 ng/mL cutoffs and no cross-reactivity to structurally related compounds such as buprenorphine and hydrocodone.

  • Achieve high specificity for oxycodone and oxymorphone to provide confidence for accurate results while meeting the SAMHSA requirements for oxycodone screening
  • Reduce false results with an assay that has 98% agreement to LC-MS/MS for positive samples and 100% agreement for negatives.1
  • Consolidate opioid testing with other Siemens Healthineers assays, enabling providers to screen patients on one trusted system

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1. When using the 300 ng/mL cutoff. Data from the Emit II Plus Oxycodone Assay IFU