Ranjith Thanikkal

CSV Course Completion Certificate

Siemens Healthineers - Sudbury Employee Stories - Ranjith Thanikkal

Reflecting on the benefits of personal development – the journey, time, work life balance, personal success, team benefits. Never stop learning.

My name is Ranjith Thanikkal and I am a Validation Lead at Siemens Healthineers Sudbury. I recently completed a 10-week online training course on Computer Systems Validation (CSV) and passed with a certificate. It was a very thorough and advanced course that I took as part of my development within Siemens Healthineers. I believe keeping up to date with the latest information on the subject is always important as it will enhance the quality of the work you do, and you will be able to make confident decisions at work too. Especially, when you are leading a team, the decisions will have a greater impact.

Each training course is an experience, no matter whether it is a short course or a long course. It is different from one individual to another. There is always a story hidden behind it that contains the hurdles, challenges, and issues faced throughout that training journey. Of course, successful completion is something we celebrate but if you could cast your mind back to the journey you took to attain it, you would be amazed to see how you solved the problems, overcome the obstacles, and faced the challenges in that journey. That makes the learning truly an experience. I completed this course during the very busy work schedule plus I was in the middle of a big life changing event. It was quite hard to shift your mind to the ‘learning mode’ so I came up with a study plan—do the training daily 1-2 hours. It was difficult at first but gradually I got hold of it and managed to finish it off successfully.

I also take this opportunity to thank my manager, Dave McMahon. Dave was supporting me in this from the day one we reviewed this item in my development plan together last year. It was a roller coaster year, but the technology has offered a lot of options to learn and grow so I grabbed this opportunity. The learning helped me in improving my knowledge in the subject and I am confident that I can support my team with the tools and concepts I learned.

I want to add this too—I know we all are busy, and it is quite easy to forget our own development in the busy schedule. In my experience, having a learning mindset or having a development plan will make a huge difference in your personal and career life. It does not need to be a training course always, there is a lot out there you can explore for your development.

Albert Einstein once said: ‘’Once you stop learning, you start dying.’’ So, keep on learning and brushing up your skills!