Interview with Lynne HynesDemand Planner at Siemens Healthineers Llanberis

Lynne Hynes

My main duties include:

  • Analysing data, trends and reporting to top level management
  • Demand review and amendments
  • Inventory management and ensuring global supply from the Distribution centres
  • Collaboration with various areas of the business both locally and globally, including finance, customer services, product management, planning, marketing, technical operations, logistics and QA/RA

After specialising in Immunology, Haematology and Microbiology at University, I planned to work in a pathology laboratory or similar after doing a summer placement at Bangor hospital. When I graduated, I saw the job for an Iodination Chemist in the newspaper, applied, and here I am 19 years later. 

The best thing about working for Siemens Healthineers Llanberis are the various, diverse job opportunities here. During my time here, I have been an Iodination Chemist, Iodination Team Leader, Manufacturing Support Supervisor, Production Planner, worked on an MRP implementation project and a Master Production Scheduler before my current role as Demand Planner.

A typical working day will include: reviewing daily reports to ensure we have continuous supply to meet our demand and highlight any potential issues that we see, and answering emails from our external colleagues that are based in various countries around the world.

The other duties we carry out vary day to day, depending on where we are in the calendar month. We use various planning systems, SAP, DSX FM, RP and QlikView and can be asked for ad hoc data/information from various sources.

It is great when I get emails from my colleagues thanking me for helping them out. It’s a little thing but it makes me smile. The best thing is when we don’t have any back-orders and the supply to customers is continuous, then I know no one is going without.

It can be very difficult getting information about the future demand of a country. For instance, if we see a spike in sales that is unexpected. We reach out to the country and ask if the new demand will continue. There can be a language barrier at times and that’s where the power of data comes in. Graphs can be very good for helping us to explain what we see. 

Back-orders and allocations can also be tricky to manage, as I want to give everyone what they need, when they need it. The kits we make are so important to the end customer, the patient, and I don’t want anyone to go without.

We are based in a beautiful location, here in Llanberis. There are not many places where you can walk to a lake and watch people paddle boarding on your lunch break, listen to birds on a woodland walk or potentially see rabbits in the car park. Not forgetting taking part in the mindfulness sessions that are available with a Buddhist monk.

Dedicated, progressive, innovative, responsible and busy.

I would encourage anyone to study a STEM subject, as the career opportunities are vast. Studying a STEM subject means you can work in areas that you may not have considered previously.