Interview with Euron DaviesLogistics Manager at Siemens Healthineers Llanberis

Euron Davies

As the Logistics Manager my main responsibility is leading a team of up to 60 people, to ensure that the finished product is in the right place to the highest quality to meet customer demand.

As I have three daughters (Nia, Llio and Seren), being in the house when they get themselves ready in the morning is not the place to be, therefore I’m in work early doors. I try to get what I call my admin work done before 8.45, once I get to 8.45 then my morning is over. In my role, I have responsibility for four departments (Warehouse, Final Packing, Kit Literature and Customer service). 

We have a SQDIP board in each area and spend four minutes at each board this gives me an opportunity to go to the GEMBA and talk to the teams, which then feeds into the tiered meeting that finishes at 10am. My daily, weekly, monthly routine meetings are then scheduled between 10 am and 12.30 each day. I try not to arrange or attend meetings in the afternoons if I can, to allow me time to focus on projects and continuous improvement initiatives.

Waving goodbye to the lorry driver at the end of each day, knowing that on the back of that wagon is around 1 million tests, and that I’ve contributed to the great team that we have here at Llanberis to potentially improve life for 1 million people a day world-wide.

The biggest challenge is when there is a language barrier between the lorry drivers and I, but Google Translate is great!

It’s a great place to work! Challenging at times, but rewarding knowing that your work can make a difference to other people.

Collaborative, creative, inclusive, inspiring and friendly.

If you get the opportunity, go for it! You get to meet inspiring people with years of experience in the industry, and work on interesting projects which will develop and shape your future career path.