Interview with Daniel WilliamsProcess Engineer at Siemens Healthineers Llanberis

Daniel Williams

Some of my day will involve working with process owners to plan future Improvement Projects and Improvement Events. This will involve assessing the current state of their process, where they want to be and how exactly we will get there. It will need to balance the immediate needs of production with the need to move the dial on performance. I will spend time training staff to allow them to use improvement tools and coach them in the practical application of these tools.

I'll also facilitate improvement actions and events, and check the progress of these actions and projects with process owners after events. I review how projects and events have worked out with process owners, so we can improve our approaches the next time we carry out an improvement cycle.

Seeing other people develop and become successful in solving problems and implementing their own solutions. Hearing your own message relayed back to you by somebody different to the person you first coached – you know the idea has gained a foothold.

The biggest challenge is sustaining improvements by getting a new method accepted as the new normal.

There is a chance to work in an industry that helps keep people healthy across the world and be rewarded well for doing it.

Committed to the customer.

Study the basics well and learn to work in a team.