Interview with Bukola AdetonwaResearcher at Siemens Healthineers Llanberis

Bukola Adetonwa

My main duties are creating knowledge infrastructure to enable the knowledge flow within the Technical Operations department, in order to leverage and conduct best practice and to ensure that it’s shared.

I work with a schedule. I attend meetings to try and understand the problem, with the aim of tracking the solution and capturing it in order to develop a knowledge flow. I am a PhD student at Bangor University and I'm currently two years into my contract. At this point, we have different teams of people working on different parts of the knowledge transfer project.

Finding out that it works and it helps! Feedback I’ve received is that what we do helps scientists work faster and helps them solve their problems. Additionally, the scientists now understand Knowledge Management, they are proactive in wanting to add information to the knowledge flows guides.

As the department is incredibly busy, a major challenge is ensuring people make time for what we’re trying to achieve and to realise its benefits in their day-to-day work.

As a PhD student, my colleagues are invested in your projects here, they are ready to take time out to understand what you’re trying to achieve. My colleagues are willing and open to new ideas.

Open, inclusive, encouraging, friendly and curious.

My first degree is Chemical Engineering. I also have an MBA in Management. Both qualifications have given me a good foundation for my work here at Siemens. My engineering degree particularly has helped me work at Siemens Healthineers, for instance in reading and understanding technical reports. My advice would be that they should first have the passion to attain the necessary skills and qualifications to embark on STEM careers.