Visit our virtual lab at ESCV 2019 and learn about the evolution of molecular testing

Discover Syndromic Testing in Virtual Reality at ESCV 2019Visit our virtual lab at ESCV 2019 and learn about the evolution of molecular testing

Thank you for visiting us in Copenhagen, see you next year in Manchester, UK at ESCV 2020!

22nd European Society for Clinical Virology's Annual Meeting (ESCV) – Copenhagen, Denmark

Changing molecular testing demands require molecular laboratories to keep up with an increasing number of patients, samples, diseases, and pathogens. Siemens Healthineers provides the flexibility you want for the clinical results you need with innovative, platform-agnostic, syndromic testing solutions.

While at ESCV 2019, stop by the Siemens Healthineers booth to explore our versatile syndromic testing solutions, visit the virtual reality lab, request an evaluation kit for your lab, and attend our scientific symposium!

Watch the video below and take a peek into the evolving VR lab!

Come to our booth and experience our virtual reality lab for yourself!

Download the compendium of peer-reviewed publications and evaluate one of our platform-agnostic FTD syndromic kits in your own lab with your own molecular instruments!

Learn more about how multiplex PCR syndromic testing kits are being used in real labs around the world and how syndromic testing has been implemented using molecular instruments already in routine use in your lab.

Participate in our symposium and hear about the latest developments in clinical virology, direct from experts in the field!

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