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Complementary Breast Diagnostics: A Matter of Multimodality Imaging

Costs, radiation dose and available time are generally in conflict with the need for frequent, dedicated and detailed information. Breast cancer diagnostics is more than ever before a matter of multimodality diagnostics, selecting the correct imaging method and follow-up scheme has a significant impact on the accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

In this module, experts discuss how they apply the guidelines for complementary breast diagnostics in individual cases in routine clinical practice. For this, they discuss clinical cases with the participants of online and on-site events.

Differential breast diagnostics: Case discussions based on state-of-the-art imaging

In this online seminar, Dr. Clara Park (Wiesbaden, Germany) discusses screening and diagnostic cases from her clinical routine. She explains the strengths, advantages and limitations of each breast imaging technique in the detection and characterization of lesions. (EUSOBI ASM, Oct. 2021)

What do lesions look like on different breast imaging modalities?

Dr. Paola Clauser (University of Vienna, Austria) discusses clinical cases from her daily routine and explains the appearance of lesions in morphological imaging like in digital mammography and tomosynthesis compared to functional imaging like breast MRI and contrast enhanced mammography (EUSOBI, Oct.2020).

Pretherapeutic diagnostics of tumor extend

Prof. Dr. Evelyn Wenkel (University of Erlangen, Germany) and Dr. Paola Clauser (University of Vienna, Austria) show how the interaction of various modalities in breast cancer diagnostics is crucial. Using cases from their clinical routine, they draw conclusion for the role of DBT, MRI and Ultrasound. (ECR, March 2019)