Value Partnerships VieCurri Medical Center

Upgrading technology affordably and profitably 

VieCuri Medical Center, Netherlands

VieCuri Medical Center was looking for a long-term partner with an in-depth knowledge in capital investment and risk management and a clear vision to enable healthcare providers to transform care delivery. The Value Partnership with Siemens Healthineers enabled them to optimize clinical operations and meet their strategic objectives through all project phases. The improved capacity allocation led to efficient technology utilization and increased productivity.

Value Contribution

+100 additional MRI exams per month

Due to effective allocation of capacities

$1.7M total savings

On operational costs expected over partnership lifetime

Radiation dose reduction

In abdominal scans through process and protocol improvements



Increase efficiency

Increase productivity in the delivery of high-quality patient care

Standardize care

Continuously monitor performance, and provide transparency and reporting 

Improve quality of care

Maintain innovative technology fleet and optimize patient safety 

  • The 10-year Value Partnership includes: Provision, maintenance, upgrade, and replacement of 40 innovative medical systems for radiology, nuclear medicine, and cardiology, while ensuring predictability of technology investment cycles
  • Onsite technical management, leading to more efficient workflows and increased workforce productivity
  • Operations Optimization and Workforce Development solutions: Financial and performance reporting, tailored education programs, introduction of a technology utilization management system

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