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Driving performance excellence with real-time location data in the perioperative area

RTLS | Medical University of South Carolina, USA

Since the formation of a long-term strategic partnership in 2018, Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and Siemens Healthineers have been working together on a mutual goal of advancing the quality of health care in South Carolina. The 10-year partnership capitalizes on the coupling of MUSC’s clinical care, research and education expertise with Siemens Healthineers medtech innovations and workflow improvement capabilities.

Now, three years into the strategic partnership, the organizations continue to optimize performance and operations in focused target areas including pediatrics, cardiovascular care, radiology, and neurosciences. In addition to launching a state-of-the-art hybrid operating room and installing various innovative technologies, including the first U.S. installation of the MAGNETOM Lumina 3T MRI scanner, MUSC and Siemens Healthineers continue to work together to achieve clinical improvements enterprise-wide. In a joint effort to develop a world-class stroke program over the coming years, to date, MUSC has seen an over 7% reduction in stroke inpatient length of stay — with additional improvements in patient experience and outcomes on the horizon.  

Value Contribution

Data-validated basis for decision- making

To optimize workflows and enhance patient experience

Improvement of various KPIs

(e.g., turnover, room utilization, and scheduling accuracy)

Valuable real-time information

For the hospital’s Decision Center to support daily optimization work



Optimize clinical operations

Drive operational and clinical excellence through continuous process improvement 

Manage complexity

Coordinate multiple resources effectively to balance operations, costs, and clinical outcomes

Optimize patient experience

Create optimized perioperative processes for efficient, high-quality patient care

  • RealTime Consulting & Transformation based on a real-time (RTLS), data-enhanced Digital Twin of the perioperative workflows
  • Drive performance excellence across surgical suites, cardiac cath labs, and MR operations at the MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital and the Pearl Tourville Women’s Pavilion (SJCH/PTWP)
  • Build a precise Digital Twin of the current workflows based on EHR, RIS, and high-value, reliable RTLS data—from assets, patients, and staff—instead of using imprecise, expensive time and motion studies
  • Use quantitative data for evaluation, complex decision-making, and prediction of outcomes for scenarios
  • Provide actionable insights to make informed decisions about optimized processes before implementation

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