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syngo.via View&GOSmart access to speed up your daily routine

Day by day your radiological challenges grow. The more they are growing, the less you can afford a workflow that slows you down. A key to speed it up is a viewer that increases efficiency and performance in your clinical routine.

syngo.via View&GO is your solution to do so: The intuitive multimodality viewer provides you an affordable and care-free access to a wide range of clinical tools in a familiar environment – easily self-installed and ready to use on your hardware as a standalone software solution.

Features & Benefits

syngo.via View&GO

syngo.via View&GO is available – as a cost efficient standalone software solution that adds flexibility and simplicity to your daily routine.

  • Confident decision making through a wide range of clinical tools
  • Fast integration through simple installation on your hardware1 – including regular updates
  • Boosting productivity by optimizing your scanning workflow
  • Great performance with an affordable price tag

What's New syngo.via View&GO VA30

The following new MR Functionalities are now available in syngo.via View&GO:

  • MR Subtraction - arithmetic difference of an unenhanced image and a contrast enhanced image
  • MR ADC & b-value - generate ADC (apparent diffusion coefficient) maps and computed b-value images from diffusion-weighted image series
  • MR Spine Range - create curved reconstructions along the spinal cord (included in “MM Ortho Package”)

  • Improvement of Real 3D image-quality in X-Ray Plug-In (in collaboration with Multitom Rax)
  • Slice Spacing now available as interactive image text
  • New and updated look of syngo.via View&GO desktop icon
  • Safeguard studies from unintended auto-deletion with the new “Delete Protection”-feature
  • Rib and Spine Labeling Tool now accessible from Corner Menu
  • - Angle-Tool for ortho cases now supports measurement on different slices

  • XP Features: Real 3D image quality improvements

  • XP Features: Real 3D volumes cover a larger field-of-view

  • Optimization of internal data structure and available storage allowing you to save >25% more studies

  • Realtime progress information during application download and installation 

syngo.via View&Go completely filled

  • Pulmonary Density Plug-In for analysis of infectious lung diseases now available! (Part of syngo.CT Extended Functionality)
  • Improvements to clean-up imported studies, making your work more agile

  • Now available with Multitom Rax
  • Now with "SHUI" - Our Brand-New User Interface
  • Feature-Update of "Assisted Perpendicular Tool" (Part of syngo.CT Extended Functionality)
  • "TimeCurve Tool" now available for multi-modality reading
  • Improvement of installation-process

New training material available:

New features for image reading with VA20:

  • Perform kinetic evaluation of post contrast dynamic images with our Time Curve Tool (incl. Pixel Lens and Freehand ROI)
  • Save images as non-DICOM
syngo.via View&Go VA16

Enhance image reading with Anatomical Ranges

  • Anatomical range presets improve the performance of standardized and reproducible reconstructions

Simplify routine reading with our new features

  • Image fusion improves routine reading by supporting orthopedic measurements while overlaying series to help you obtain anatomical references
  • 4D data – Navigate, visualize and evaluate multiphase data easily


  • Smart connect helps to easily set up, add and manage Siemens Healthineers DICOM nodes automatically
  • Enhanced with our newest update (VA16_HF01): DICOM printing now also supported for upgrades from VA15 to VA16


We are working constantly on new features and improvements to keep syngo.via View&GO running smoothly. Whether it's a major update or a point update that brings fixes and features.

Take a look below to see all available features that were added in recent updates.

  • Full "interactive" remote support
    Real-time interaction between clinical staff and clinical application experts, whenever a support need arises to drive (* IT Care Plan required)
  • Back-Up & Restore
    These enhancements enable new options to support the back-up and restore of "customized" settings
  • Feedback Tool integrated
    Your feedback and suggestions are a key contributor for quality improvements

Technical Details

Minimum system requirements:

Operating System

Microsoft Windows 7 - 64 bit is only supported if you updated syngo.via View&GO from a predecessor version to this version

Microsoft Windows 10 - 64 bit anniversary update or higher

Processor type

3.0 GHz DualCore Intel CPU



Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

NVidia or Intel GPU


syngo.via View&GO requires administrator privileges for installation. To ensure the best compatibility and security, it is recommended you upgrade to the latest Windows Service Pack and install critical updates available from the Windows Update website

Not supported

Windows 7 (Starter and Home edition)
Windows 10 (Home)

Regulatory Information

syngo.via View&GO is registered with ANVISA (Brazil).
ANVISA Registration Number: 10345162320


Monitor of at least 2MP are needed. Local laws and regulation might require the use of specific monitors.

The syngo.via View&GO user forum serves as an exclusive online platform for customers. Exchange your experience with other users, get practical tips, and raise questions, in case you require feedback on specific topics.

Access the user forum via the community icon in syngo.via View&GO or register and apply for an account to the Healthcare User Forum.