MAGNETOM Verio Upgrade
Upgrade your MAGNETOM Verio to MAGNETOM Skyrafit

MAGNETOM Verio Upgrade
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Upgrade your MAGNETOM Verio to the new MAGNETOM Skyrafit. And benefit from Tim 4G and DotGO1 as well as a full range of advanced and routine applications of syngo MR E111.

Step-by-step from MAGNETOM Verio to the new MAGNETOM Skyrafit

"After upgrading my MAGNETOM Verio to MAGNETOM Skyrafit and experiencing the fit upgrade process and final results, I am looking forward to upgrade my other MAGNETOM Avanto to this promising new technology."2

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Pfirrmann
Chief Radiologist and Deputy Medical Director
Balgrist University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland

Deliver exceptional quality and speed in MRI.

Tim is Siemens’ proven integrated coil technology with more than 10,000 installations worldwide.

Now in its 4th generation, Tim 4G enables:
4G Flexibility. 4G Accuracy. 4G Speed.

  • Up to 204 coil elements. Up to 64 RF channels.
  • Exceptional SNR and image quality with Tim 4G’s high-channel coils and the unique RF architecture enabling DirectRF for true signal purity.
  • Excellent image quality with up to 40% reduction of scan times.7

Faster patient set-up

Tim technology accelerates patient set-up and provides high patient comfort. The Tim 4G SlideConnect and DirectConnect coils along with the Tim Dockable Table accelerate patient set-up even further.

Tim 4G DirectConnect and SlideConnect enable high patient comfort and ease-of-use thanks to:

  • Faster connections
  • Easier set-up


Tim Dockable Table – mobility done right

  • Fast patient preparation even outside of examination room
  • Integrated Spine coil
  • Easy transport
  • Optimized comfort for immobile patients
  • Holds up to 250 kg/550 lb to accommodate more patients

TimTX TrueForm – advanced technology

TimTX TrueForm includes innovative techniques in the RF excitation hardware as well as new application and processing features enabling uniform RF distribution in all body regions.

Image the true form of the anatomy.
Solution for:

  • Excellent B1 homogenization
  • Anatomy-specific optimization
  • SAR reduction

Your benefits:

  • High image quality
  • Faster speed
  • Excellent clinical performance

Go for consistent results, efficiently.

Siemens set the benchmark in MR scanning and productivity by introducing Dot. DotGO is Siemens’ next step in MRI exam software, combining intuitive protocol management with quality results for each exam. For true flexibility, consistency, and efficiency.

Flexibility. Consistency. Efficiency.

  • Intuitive protocol management with one central and flexible user interface
  • Quality results for each exam, consistent and reproducible
  • Up to 20% shorter exam slots for more efficiency in MRI4

The following Dot engines are currently available for MAGNETOM Skyrafit:

  • Brain Dot Engine
  • Cardiac Dot Engine
  • Abdomen Dot Engine
  • Angio Dot Engine
  • TimCT Angio Dot Engine
  • TimCT Onco Dot Engine
  • Spine Dot Engine
  • Breast Dot Engine
  • Large Joint Dot Engine

“On average, we were able to shorten the examination from 25 to 20 minutes per patient.”2
Anton Quinsten, RT, Senior MRI Technologist
Institute of Diagnostic Radiology and Neuroradiology
University Hospital Essen, Germany

Expand your MRI services.

Accommodate more patients, get more referrals, and increase your patients’ satisfaction. Improve your marketability with quieter exams, 70 cm Open Bore, and trendsetting applications.

New requirements and indications in MRI today are driven by

  • demographic shift
  • rise of chronic diseases
  • fast pace of innovation

Trendsetting applications

MAGNETOM Skyrafit therefore offers a comprehensive and unique portfolio of trendsetting applications. Now available on MAGNETOM Skyrafit, brand-new applications with syngo MR E11 helping you to expand your range of MRI services.

FREEZEit1 – embrace motion technology – makes body MRI faster and more robust than it has ever been, even in the most challenging cases. It opens up the wide field of body imaging.

Always the right contrast in dynamic liver imaging

TWIST-VIBE combines for the first time high temporal and excellent spatial resolution with full coverage for precision in dynamic liver MRI. It is reliable imaging from the very first shot, making time-consuming and costly repeat exams a thing of the past, always assuring correct contrast timing in dynamic liver imaging.

Free-breathing, contrast-enhanced body imaging

In the past, contrast-enhanced body MRI wasn’t an option for patients who have difficulties holding their breath. Now, with StarVIBE, they can breathe freely throughout the scan. The application intelligently resists motion artifacts, resulting in faster and more accurate exam results for a range of new patient populations.

Advanced WARP1,5

The Advanced WARP functionality lets you serve rapidly-growing patient populations with artificial joints. The benefits are substantial: Infections can be diagnosed earlier and there’s a significant gain in image quality.


MyoMaps generates comprehensive pixel-based T1, T2, and T2* colored parametric maps on the fly, providing you for the first time an additional layer of valuable diagnostic information about even subtle changes in tissue composition.

syngo MR E11

Maximized patient satisfaction

Make your patients’ scan experience as comfortable as possible. Maximize your patients’ comfort, cooperation, and satisfaction with:

The roominess of the 70 cm Open Bore

Tim Dockable Table for faster patient set-up outside the room, e.g. for immobile patients

Lightweight coil design and Illumination MoodLight for relaxed patients

Experience minimum 70% reduction in sound pressure for whole routine exams – with no need to compromise image quality.3 Quiet Suite1 lets you attract more patients by offering quieter routine examinations for neurology and orthopedics.


  • Complete, quiet exams for neurology and orthopedics
  • No compromises in image quality
  • Up to 96% reduction in sound pressure6


Maximized sustainability

Life Design is one of the guiding principles in the design of every Siemens MRI. Compact installations, efficient use of scarce resources combined with inviting, friendly, and open designs. The result: An MRI designed around you and the needs of your patients.

  • DirectRF concentrates all transmit and receive components at the magnet, and requires very little of your expensive floor space
  • Zero Helium boil-off and optimized cooling system (Eco Chiller)
  • Green Cooling Package (optional) to decrease energy consumption for cooling
  • Optimize your performance and workflow efficiency with customized service offerings
  • The Evolve program provides a comprehensive suite of software and hardware updates to help you to keep pace with the rapidly developing technological advances 

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1The product is currently under development; is not for sale in the U.S. and other countries. Its future availability cannot be guaranteed.

2The statements by Siemens' customers described herein are based on results that were achieved in the customer's unique setting. Since there is no "typical" hospital and many variables exist (e.g., hospital size, case mix, level of IT adoption) there can be no guarantee that other customers will achieve the same results.

3Results may vary. Data on file.

4University Hospital Essen, Brain Dot Engine Workflow Study, GER

5The MRI restrictions (if any) of the metal implant must be considered prior to patient undergoing MRI exam. MR imaging of patients with metallic implants brings specific risks. However, certain implants are approved by the governing regulatory bodies to be MR conditionally safe. For such implants, the previously mentioned warning may not be applicable. Please contact the implant manufacturer for the specific conditional information. The conditions for MR safety are the responsibility of the implant manufacturer, not of Siemens.


7Based on the scan time difference between a 30-channel set-up and an 18 channel set-up with otherwise identical parameters and same SNR. Data on file.