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Improve access to care

How can healthcare be made more attainable?

Access to healthcare is one of the most relevant challenges in healthcare with up to 50% of the world‘s population not having access to essential health services.1 Three dimensions are at the base of this: Physical and timely availability, financial affordability and acceptability from patients in seeking services.

With these three dimensions in mind, healthcare providers can do the following three to make healthcare more available, affordable and accepted by the population:

3 steps to improve access to care

Close patient care gaps

Close patient care gaps

Provide health services to all populations with footprint and capacity expansion

Reduce cost of care per case

Reduce cost of care per case

Systematically drive down expenses with predictable costs and minimal financial risks

Address people’s concern about care

Address people’s concern about care

Provide high quality patient experience and appropriate health services

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The COVID-19 pandemic has increasingly shifted the point of access to care to Digital Front Doors. Read issue 19 of our Insights Series to learn about how Digital Front Doors open up a wide range of opportunities for healthcare providers to engage with patients at every major touch point of their healthcare journey – from the first virtual interaction to remote monitoring. Our paper also provides key steps for unlocking the Digital Front Door.

Siemens Healthineers solutions to improve access to care

Improving access to healthcare is one of the major challenges in healthcare worldwide. With these solutions Siemens Healthineers supports healthcare providers to expand access.