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INNOVANCE reagentsSupporting early diagnosis, treatment, and management of COVID-19 infections

Following a COVID-19 diagnosis, hemostasis testing, therapy, and monitoring play an imperative role in COVID-19 patient management. Our proven INNOVANCEĀ® assays will help you gain efficiencies, increase operational workflow and throughput, and better manage your resources.



In hospitalized COVID-19 patients, elevated D-dimer levels have been found to be strongly associated with disease severity1 and even mortality2 reflecting the procoagulant status and high thrombotic risk observed in many COVID-19 patients.3,4 Therefore, the monitoring of D-dimer levels is currently highly recommended for hospitalized COVID-19 patients to stratify their thrombotic risk including testing for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) and guiding treatment over the course of the disease.4,5


Our INNOVANCE D-Dimer Assay provides results in 11 minutes or less and provides the clinical performance needed for a broader spectrum of clinical diagnosis, monitoring, and follow-up. Learn more.



Treating COVID-19 patients with anticoagulants has been associated with improved outcomes, both in and out of the intensive care unit setting. A study found that 62.7% of intubated patients who were not treated with anticoagulants died, compared to 29.1% of intubated patients treated with anticoagulants.6

INNOVANCE Heparin Assay

Our INNOVANCE Heparin Assay quantitatively determines the activity of unfractionated (UF) and low-molecular-weight (LMW) heparin in citrated plasma. Liquid reagents and a single hybrid calibration curve for UF and LMW heparin help deliver precise results in fewer steps.
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Accurate antithrombin measurement in COVID-19 patients undergoing anticoagulant treatment may be useful to determine the efficacy of anticoagulant therapy as antithrombin levels might be reduced.4

INNOVANCE Antithrombin Assay

Our INNOVANCE Antithrombin Assay is a proven assay to diagnose antithrombin defects and monitor antithrombin levels.
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