Outcome Driven Imaging & Information SystemFor a more connected healthcare 

Healthcare is made of interdependent elements: human activities, knowledge, and information technology. ODIS – the Outcome Driven Imaging & Information System – is our network model of care. It strives to bring these elements together to help provide better care. 

However, building a network model of care is like building a house. A strong foundation, sturdy walls, and ongoing maintenance are essential.

Syngo Carbon ODIS De-siloed

ODIS uses the network infrastructure as foundation. Just as a house's foundation must be strong enough to support the weight of the structure, ODIS’ network infrastructure is robust enough to support the secure flow of data across your organization.

Syngo Carbon ODIS Enriched
Next, ODIS provides walls and a roof, which can be compared to the hardware and software components. The hardware includes servers, storage devices, and computers, while the software includes operating systems and applications. These components provide the structure and functionality to ODIS, just as the walls and roof provide shelter to a house.
Syngo Carbon ODIS Actionable
Finally, just as a house requires ongoing maintenance and upgrades, so too does ODIS. As new technologies emerge and organizational needs change, your ODIS must be updated and expanded to keep up with your demands.

In summary, building a network model of care is like building a house. 

ODIS helps you to 

  • aggregate health data from different systems, modalities, workplaces, departments, and locations sources (CONNECT) 
  • develop digital services and applications on a common technology infrastructure (BUILD) 
  • leverage clinical advancements and innovation faster (SCALE)