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Welcome to the Innovation Think Tank Exhibition

External Innovation Think Tank (eITT) Exhibition 2022

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About Us


Prof. Sultan Haider, Founder and Global Head of ITT

Innovation Think Tank (ITT) is a part of the Chief Technology Office of Siemens Healthineers. Driven by the need of interdisciplinary and self-sustaining infrastructures which are accessible for the entire departments, ITT was established in 2005. The global ITT infrastructure includes multiple innovation labs and Innovation Think Tank programs across Germany, China, India, Turkey, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Columbia, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa and United Kingdom, addressing projects from Siemens Healthineers locations and host institutions. The program success and recognition led to the establishment of ITT locations at prestigious healthcare institutions and universities.

ITT was founded and is headed globally by Prof. Sultan Haider, who is a Principal Key Expert at Siemens Healthineers (SHS), a title awarded to him by SHS Managing Board in the year 2008 for his outstanding innovation track record which includes the establishment of 72 ITT activity locations and over 500 inventions and patents filed. Furthermore, Prof. Haider has been awarded honorary directorships, professorships and has developed innovation infrastructures and implemented innovation management certification programs for top institutions.


Proactively drive innovation to improve human life


Utilizing global self-sustaining innovation infrastructures to accelerate identifying and implementing new business opportunities

  • 72 ITT activity locations established (ITT Labs/ ITT Certification Programs)
  • 130 ITT certification programs conducted worldwide
  • 2500 + R&D and strategy projects experience
  • Contributed to the IP portfolio of Siemens Healthineers by generating invention and filing patents
  • 200 ITT Fellowships offered annually. Engaged with over 2500 researchers, professors and students from over 150 universities in 38 countries
  • 1000 + hospital visits conducted for various healthcare requirement engineering projects


Video Statements 

Dr. Charles Harr, Chief Medical Officer – Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon, WakeMed Health and Hospital

Prof. Michael Fisher, Director of Product Development, GCMI

Prof. Andrew Menard, Chief Administrative Officer, Radiology Johns Hopkins


Dr. Peter Schardt, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Healthineers

Dr. Fatih Gül, Chief Operating Officer, Fakeeh University Hospital Dubai

Dr. Sonja Förster, Post Doctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich

Enis Sonemel, Managing Director of Turkey, Siemens Healthineers

Prof. Burak Acar, Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering & Prof. Suzan Uskudarli, Computer Engineering Department, Boğaziçi University Istanbul

Ufuk Eren, Chief Executive Officer, Volitan Global

Welcome to the Innovation Think Tank Exhibition

The annual external Innovation Think Tank Exhibition (eITT 2021) showcased best practices and outcomes from ITT global locations of Siemens Healthineers and partner universities, hospitals, venture capitalists and start-ups. During the last year alone, ITT has received 12 invitations to set up ITT programs, 10 new ITT activity locations were implemented and over 1000 participants took part in various ITT programs. From an open call for projects, 7 finalists were chosen and the top 3 received awards.