Developing the first cancer center of excellence in the Philippines at

AC Health, Philippines

AC Health recently entered an 8-year Advanced Oncology Solution partnership with Varian, a Siemens Healthineers Company, to build the first stand-alone comprehensive cancer care center in the Philippines. As part of this partnership, we have become immersed into the daily workflows at AC Health from diagnosis to treatment. Additionally, we are providing long-term clinical and operational guidance to achieve the common goal of providing quality and affordable comprehensive cancer care in the Philippines.

Value Contribution

First cancer specialty center

In the Philippines will enable high-quality care for cancer patients

Increased access to care

Powered by state-of-the-art technology and improved staff training

Implement best practices and standardized workflows

Along the oncology pathway



Improve patient outcomes

Establishing the countries first comprehensive cancer center with latest technology-enabled processes

Manage population health

Enabling access to much-needed, affordable and quality cancer care to more Filipinos

Extend clinical capabilities

Redefining cancer care in the Philippines by gathering knowledge and network competences

  • 8-year end-to-end oncology partnership to build Philippines’ first stand-alone cancer center of excellence
  • 3 years of preoperations and 5 years of operations of an integrated cancer program with services across the entire continuum from screening, prevention, and care delivery to survivorship
  • The new cancer center broke ground mid-2021 and it is anticipated to open for patient care in 2023
  • Remote and onsite clinical care support with medical physics, treatment planning, and decision support
  • Foster recruitment of oncology care providers and establish best practices in cancer care
  • Organize primary care checkpoints throughout the community for screening and survivorship 

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