Clinical Operations

Clinical OperationsWe empower you to focus on what matters most – patients.


Clinical Operations

Our comprehensive approach spans multiple disciplines and scales to meet your needs.

Get the tools and information you need to empower your staff to do their best work and to focus on what matters most – your patients.

Performance Improvement

Empowering you to do more with less and improving strong operational and financial performance.

Physicians, hospitals, healthcare providers, and health systems are challenged to keep up with the demands of today’s healthcare environment. Long-term payer trends and changing reimbursement structures are pushing patient care toward optimized cost settings, and consumer demands are driving a comprehensive, and necessary, redesign of how care is accessed and delivered. These specific challenges often result in ineffective, nonessential spending. Siemens Healthineers Value Partners can help to redirect the savings to investments that will help you grow your organization.
Performance Improvement
Our team of experts will examine, diagnose, and treat what’s ailing your physician group, department, hospital, or complete network to help you deliver the right care at the right time by the right team.
Attempting to do more with less while maintaining strong operational and financial performance is a challenge. Siemens Healthineers Value Partners demonstrates steps toward optimizing clinical operations to improve access to care and deliver outcomes that matter to patients.

Clinical Pathways

Achieve consistency of care and establish standardization throughout the entire patient journey.

You are committed to putting patients at the center of healthcare. That means you must break down departmental siloes and rebuild clinical pathways around patients’ medical, social, and emotional needs. You will also need to get more value out of hospital equipment and staff and deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders. With innovations powered by technology such as artificial intelligence, Siemens Healthineers Value Partners can help you transform care at your hospital into patient-centric, personalized, precision medicine.
Siemens Healthineers Value Partners developed the Clinical Pathways practice to help healthcare providers improve medical outcomes, reduce costs, and improve overall experience. It leverages advanced technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate diagnoses and decision-making, helping you to achieve consistency of care and establish standardization end-to-end throughout the patient journey.
Clinical Pathways

Consider a situation where new disease guidelines or therapies need to be introduced or infrastructure changes to a building impact outcome and the quality of patients’ pathways. Through the Clinical Pathways practice, Siemens Healthineers Value Partners can help you thoroughly assess the status quo; design an ideal pathway based on guidelines, best practices, and

workshop results; implement the ideal solution by means of a multi-disciplinary action plan; and monitor success by evaluating key performance indicators, including patient-reported outcomes.
The value of efforts like these can be monumental, affecting key health indicators such as mean lengths of stay, readmission rates, and numbers of complications. Another key consideration is staff experience and engagement. Competition for qualified candidates has reached unprecedented levels, and so healthcare enterprises have made it a priority to provide a positive experience for staff. Clinical departments should come together around care pathways, rather than departmental fault lines, in order to deliver the best possible quality of care and experience for all involved.

Workflows & Organization

Boost every component of your processes and organizational health to a new level.

Healthcare organizational structures that have remained largely unchanged over the last decade are quickly becoming irrelevant. Due to financial pressures, intense market consolidation, reform initiatives, and other demands your organizational capacity is forced to adapt and change while still delivering outstanding patient care.
Siemens Healthineers Value Partners can help your organization to adapt. Our experts work with you and empower you to design effective structures around your clinical, financial and organizational goals as well as market conditions.
Improve every component of your clinical operations, from diagnostic and therapeutic departments to wards or the intensive care units.
Process & Organization Development

Our experts with different backgrounds can help you boost your top and bottom lines by streamlining your efficiency and capabilities that give you a competitive edge.

We identify underlying issues and determine what will help you thrive in the near and long term. Our signature Value Stream Analysis allows you to visualize every task that your team works on, so you can identify both the value-adding and wasteful steps and implement optimized processes accordingly.
Imagine seeing an improved working environment and enhanced patient experience in just days. That is the promise of Rapid Improvement Events short-term, high-impact workshops driven by key performance indicators and based on the Kaizen methodology for continuous improvement. Generally embedded in a holistic approach and offered as a 5-day workshop followed by a 30-day implementation and measurement phase, an RIE is a great way to jump-start organizational change.

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