Attracting and Retaining Medical Staff

Siemens Healthineers Education: Attracting & Retaining Medical Staff

No other industry worldwide will have a greater shortage of skilled employees in the future than the healthcare industry. Siemens Healthineers published a new whitepaper for executives and leaders in healthcare on how continuous education and training can contribute to staff retention.

  • Finding, hiring, and retaining qualified personnel over the years is one of the most demanding tasks facing the modern healthcare industry. This challenge will become even greater in the decades ahead due to the shortage of skilled workers and the demographic change. The costs of recruiting personnel will rise.
  • High employer attractiveness is essential for retaining qualified employees long-term. Low staff turnover is important for avoiding brain drain, maintaining quality of care, and reducing the costs of recruiting new personnel.
  • High job satisfaction reduces staff turnover. Providing excellent education plays a crucial role in this because it helps employees to better fulfil their tasks and to advance their own personal development.
  • Among doctors and other qualified medical personnel, there is a great desire and need for a system of further training and education measures. These measures relate to clinical aspects and are essential for optimal patient care.
  • In many cases, e-learning is a good way of meeting the demand among health professionals for learning anytime, anywhere and at their own pace. It is cost-effective and delivers superior learning results than other models.