Soeren Eichhorst, MD PhDA multifaceted leader for a highly versatile consultancy.

Soeren Eichhorst

Location: Köln (Erlangen, Berlin), Germany
Key Strengths: Business leadership, clinical experience, strategy consulting, healthcare operations
Value Partner Since: 2017
Personal Interests: Family, woodworking, and fitness

Siemens Healthineers Value Partners would be a very different organization without the leadership of Soeren Eichhorst, MD PhD. With significant prior experience both as a board-certified physician and as a hospital executive, he was instrumental in defining the structure of the expanding organization. He helped shape it into an independent business unit dedicated to providing its customers with holistic and objective advice. At the same time, he has made sure his team leverages the broad multidisciplinary expertise and resources of Siemens Healthineers to deliver multifaceted, tailored, end-to-end solutions.

Combining real-world clinical insights with advanced consulting leadership

Soeren Eichhorst, MD, PhD joined Siemens Healthineers Value Partners as the consultancy’s Global Head of Consulting and Transformation in 2017. In this role, he can leverage all the experience he has gained throughout his 22-year career.

As a board-certified internal medicine physician and former hospital CEO and CMO, Soeren has a substantial consulting background, having been a partner both at KPMG and at McKinsey, where he has served as managing director.
He co-led McKinsey’s Western European healthcare practice and helmed their hospital consultancy subsidiary in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

His combined background in medicine, operations, and consulting was exactly what Siemens Healthineers was looking for to lead Value Partners. He was brought on to transform this group into a full-service independent external healthcare consultancy. 

Helping a young consultancy coalesce and flourish

His experiences as a physician are a priceless asset to Soeren, helping him guide Value Partners in designing strategic, patient-focused solutions to improve the quality of care.
He has successfully shaped the consulting group into an independent entity capable of providing its customers with holistic and objective advice, while still leveraging the broad, multidisciplinary expertise and resources of Siemens Healthineers Soeren has enjoyed watching the team expand and diversify while maintaining the full approval and support of its parent organization every step of the way. “It has been very satisfying,” he says. “It still motivates me every day.”

Planting the seeds and watching them grow

Seeing his team design and implement solutions for so many customers has been very gratifying for Soeren, and there are many projects he is proud of.
As an example, he cites the construction of a new hospital in eastern Europe. Value Partners conducted a multifaceted feasibility study that encompassed not only architectural and facility design, but also workflow and equipment planning. In the end, the team was able to present a comprehensive, tangible execution plan that took every key angle into consideration, and today that hospital is thriving and playing a vital role in its community.

He also describes his team’s role in planning a new outpatient facility for a major regional hospital in Switzerland. The project began as just a consultation on the purchase or new equipment; but as the customers’ confidence in Siemens Healthineers Value Partners grew, they involved the consultancy in more and more aspects of the project. Ultimately the team acted as the customer’s trusted partner through every phase of implementation and was there to witness its successful completion.

“What motivates me is helping the healthcare sector become more efficient, productive, and patient-oriented,” says Soeren. “At Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting, we’re all about helping providers offer better and better patient care.”

Where healthcare is going, and how Value Partners can help

This is a transformative time for healthcare, Soeren realizes. The digitalization of healthcare already poses many significant challenges to providers, and Value Partners is well poised to help them select and implement new technological tools.
But in designing solutions, he notes, it’s critical to anticipate what healthcare will look like in 10 or 20 years. “What will it take to be among the most competitive hospitals not just today, but also in 2040? We are in an excellent position to help our customers prepare for the future,” Soeren concludes, “and that’s very satisfying for me personally.”

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