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Imaging Sessions OnlineShaping the future of Radiology through Clinical Precision & Excellence

5 Days of Well-Curated Clinical Topics by Renowned Experts

Siemens Healthineers Philippines is organizing a virtual clinical symposium and webinar series dubbed “Imaging Sessions Online: Shaping the future of Radiology through Clinical Precision & Excellence“ to keep healthcare professionals abreast on clinical topics such as lung, liver, stroke, breast and prostate. Our goal is to continue equipping our customers with the latest clinical insights and updates even in these extraordinary times.

Join us on the 5-day symposium packed with well-curated topics by globally recognized experts and renowned local specialists to share their best practices and experiences in the field. Each session will be granted CME / CPD units.

Date: May 17 – 21, 2021 (Monday – Friday)

Time: 5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Philippine Standard Time

Platform: Virtual

Sessions at a glance

PH_Day 1_Dr. Roze Vliegenthart_Photo

Topic: Lung Cancer Screening through low dose CT & AI

Speaker: Prof. Rozemarijn Vliegenthart, Radiologist and Professor of Cardiothoracic Imaging University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands

PH_Day 1_Ivo Dreiesser_Photo

Topic: AI-Rad Companion Clinical Case

Speaker: Ivo Theodorus Driesser, Global Marketing Manager and Product Manager of AI-Rad Companion Chest CT, Siemens Healthineers

Guest Reactor: Joseph Leonardo Z. Obusan, M.D., Lung Center of the Philippines

PH_Day 2_Dr. Clevert_Photo

Topic: One-Stop Shopping: Advanced Liver Ultrasound

Speaker: Prof. med. Dr. H.C. Dirk-André Clevert, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Honorary Doctor (TSM-Univ.), Section Chief, Interdisciplinary Ultrasound-Center of Munich University Hospital

Guest Reactor: Maria Vanessa De Villa, M.D., The Medical City

PH_Day 3_Prof. Jochen Fiebach_Photo

Topic: Stroke MRI in daily clinical routine

Speaker: Prof. med. Jochen Benedikt Fiebach, M.D., Radiologist, Head of CSB-Neuroradiology in Charite Berlin

PH_Day 3_Dr. Wickly Lee_Photo

Topic: Stroke Care in Interventional Radiology

Speaker: Wickly Lee, M.D., Senior Consultant, Department of Neuroradiology; Director, Joint Neurovascular Service National Neuroscience Institute

PH_Day 3_Dr. Kee Phei_Photo

Topic: Acute stroke intervention: Components for success

Speaker: Kee Tze Phei, M.D., Associate Consultant, National Neuroscience Institute

PH_Day 4_Dr. Jochen Schenk_Photo

Topic: Advances in screening: Breast imaging techniques

Speaker: Dr. med. Jochen Schenk, Breast Radiology, Radiological Institute Hohenzollernstrasse, Koblenz, Germany

PH_Day 5_Dr_Orsini_Profile Photo

Topic: AI For Prostate MRI Evaluation: Clinical Perspective

Speaker: Mario Joseph Orsini, M.D., Radiologist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, American Board of Radiology; Siemens Healthineers

PH_Day 5_Dr. Heinrich von Busch_Photo

Topic: The Value of AI Support in Thoracic Imaging

Speaker: Heinrich von Busch, M.D., PhD, Artificial Intelligence for Oncology, Siemens Healthineers