HIMSS 2020, Healthcare IT conference

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Connecting care teams and patients

There are substantial challenges to be overcome in the field of disjoint information systems and care setting, specifically when looking at how patients experience their own health data and reports. More than 40 percent of patients evaluated report that information necessary to their care was not available when needed.1 Meaning, from a patient experience perspective, patients are unsatisfied when their care provider doesn’t have their health data at hand. According to another study, 63% of primary care physicians are dissatisfied with the referral process due to lack of information.2 Meaning, not providing holistic patient data negatively affects reputation with both patients and referrers.

At HIMSS 2020 we will demonstrate solutions that enable providers to monitor health variables and context data, perform longitudinal analysis of sensor data to evaluate life patterns and lifestyle trends, and share information and educative content among professional and informal care providers as well as care receivers.

Connecting care teams and patients will beneficially impact patient experience.

eHealth Solutions

With fast and easy data sharing, our eHealth Solutions fosters collaboration among healthcare providers, while enabling you to improve patient outcomes and increasing patient safety. Improved data transparency also helps you to avoid unnecessary costs caused by duplicate examinations and additional administrative efforts and supports you in optimizing resources that may otherwise be tied to fragmented IT and infrastructure maintenance.

PEPconnect & PEPconnections

PEPconnect is a personalized online education experience designed for healthcare professionals that’s customized to their role, competency, and learning behavior – designed to increase their competency, efficiency, and productivity.

PEPconnections is a PEPconnect premium subscription to support clinical institution’s performance growth with integrated workforce education management and administration features.

Value Partnership

Value Partnerships combine our strength in holistic medical technology management and digitalization into a long-term performance-oriented engagement focusing on the creation of value. With our sustainable healthcare consulting and transformation services as well as our future-proof design planning, we are well positioned to co-create a solution with and for you, which will generate clinical, operational and/or financial benefits. Value Partnerships help you optimize operations today, expand with new capabilities tomorrow, and advance the level of innovation in your network.

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