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syngo Workflow SLROptimize your departmental workflow

Rising cost pressures, staff shortages, complex clinical data, and decentralized workplaces: Strong trends are forcing transformation in the healthcare sector. Our radiology information system (RIS)1 is a workflow solution with integrated modules that help you manage all this effectively. But it is much more than a RIS. syngo Workflow SLR is a solution that can be used in many other departments. The enhanced features of syngo Workflow SLR can help improve diagnostic accuracy and allow healthcare providers to expand care delivery.


Healthcare facilities share a common set of challenges: limited human and financial resources, large, sometimes disparate IT systems, and often an unsecure, inefficient paper workflow. With syngo Workflow SLR, patients will benefit from seamless, customized imaging workflow operations, resulting in reduced waiting times. Our mobile solution eliminates time-consuming processing of paper forms as it facilitates a paperless and versatile information exchange allowing you to efficiently manage operations and increase patient interaction. Different users in your department will see improved efficiency: From reading physicians to scanning technologists and from departmental administrators to those managing the enterprise worklist. The enhanced workflow automation replaces error-prone, time-consuming manual processes. Intuitive clinical workflows combined with easy-to-use management and KPI reports help providers to standardize the quality of care.

Features and benefits

Rising cost pressures, staff shortages, an increasing amount of complex data, and decentralized work environments: Strong trends are forcing transformation in the healthcare sector – and your IT platforms have to keep up. Find out how our RIS can help.

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Are you looking for a way of reducing the RIS administrator’s implementation workload and speeding up information generation for clinicians? We have the solution. Discover the tools and utilities we can offer you for more efficient support and reduced implementation costs.

Simple tools to build interactive documents (IDOCs) and clinical alerts yourself

Create time-saving interactive documents yourself. Simple IDOC tools allow clinical and administrative users to generate exactly the reports they need, fast.

Value for you

  • Be independent from vendor or SQL expert support for IDOCs
  • Run management reports faster and easier


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Based on modality, subspecialty, referring physician, and priority, each case in the worklist gets automatically assigned to the most suitable radiologist via a user-friendly dashboard. This makes sure the workload is distributed in a balanced way.

Value for you

  • Enhance clinical outcomes, improve staff satisfaction


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Our new guided implementation tools reduce implementation effort and offer more control over your system.

Value for you

  • Reduce the time and costs of implementation and empower your system administrator
Paperless, mobile workflows

Are your expert staff wasting time filling in forms and shuffling paper? Forget paper – go mobile. Our paperless workflow based on mobile devices allows efficient capture and secure management of documents.

System and interactive documents available on mobile tablet

With your RIS, the entire system including the interactive documents are available on tablets – making your staff more mobile and flexible during documentation.

Value for you

  • Enhance patient and staff satisfaction
  • Eliminate paper-related mistakes and security gaps
Capture patient information on mobile devices image

Your patients can complete and sign questionnaires on intuitive, easy-to-use tablets. For your care team this means less scanning and faxing, reduced staff workload, and less server storage.

Value for you

  • Spend more time on your patient, less on technology interruptions
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Consolidate your imaging workflow – beyond departmental borders. Establishing a seamless exchange of imaging information across the entire enterprise can help you to increase productivity and improve outcomes.

Personalized, secure, enterprise-wide access to patient clinical records

The RIS comes with personalized user modules: Your team no longer needs to search for patient information because they have standardized access throughout the department.

Value for you

  • Provide the right information to right user at the right time and save time and effort
  • Consolidate administrative tasks and make decisions that are better informed

Even behind the scenes, new capabilities like active server monitoring will continuously monitor the server, and Siemens Healthineers notifies the facility once issues have been resolved.

Value for you

  • Actively detect and correct system issues and minimize downtime


Clinical use

Your RIS helps to decrease operational costs, increase efficiency, and maintain a high standard of quality of care in departments serving medical imaging. Find out how your counterparts around the world utilize this patient-centric imaging workflow solution.

Enterprise Imaging Workflow

Our patient-centric Enterprise Imaging Workflow solutions are focused on the clinical and business requirements of departments serving medical imaging. Taking the Siemens Healthineers RIS one step further, Enterprise Imaging Workflow solutions expand the capabilities of syngo Workflow SLR1 in imaging productivity and performance for use beyond the radiology department. It helps you to decrease operational costs, increase efficiency, and maintain a high standard of quality of care.

  • Decrease operational costs through new tools and utilities
  • Increase efficiency through paperless, mobile workflows
  • Maintain a high standard of quality of care through access to relevant data


Digitalize risk-based screening and incidental findings management

Transform care delivery and work towards high reliability healthcare by digitalizing end-to-end management of high-risk care gaps.

  • Identify and prioritize patients with care gaps in need of screening or follow-up
  • Reduce the manual workload with AI-powered natural language processing to prioritize findings
  • Visualize an actionable worklist for prioritization and management
  • Use digitalized workflow and documentation of mandated screening steps and communication
  • Use customizable clinical decision support to provide recommendations to the treating physician based on your own best practices to reduce variations in care
  • Give feedback to interpreting radiologists or diagnosticians for continuous improvement
  • Provide digital documentation of steps and actions taken to mitigate risk
  • Prepare and automate registry submission. Although a tremendous amount data may exist in an EHR or RIS, it may not be actionable in a way that closes care gaps to reduce unwanted variations and workload. A digitalized screening and incidental finding management solution can help