Nuclear Cardiology

Our nuclear cardiology solutions provide cardiologists with tools that enable the detection of early as well as advanced coronary artery disease, including delineation of myocardial infarction and assessment of left ventricular function and wall motion.

One of the key trends in nuclear medicine has been the ever-increasing demand for faster myocardial perfusion imaging. Historically, image quality has been limited by the number of detected photons. Routine cardiac studies can take up to 20 minutes, limiting the number of patient scans. To achieve the desired image quality, patients are often injected with high doses that increase radiation exposure. Siemens Healthineers IQ•SPECT is the only technology today that performs ultra-fast cardiac imaging with a general purpose camera. Its unique collimator design, cardio-centric image acquisition and advanced reconstruction technology acquires four-times more counts than conventional methods for high quality images independent of age, body shape or size. With IQ•SPECT, physicians can perform a myocardial perfusion imaging study in approximately 4 minutes using the standard dose, 8 minutes using half the standard dose or 16 minutes using one-quarter of the standard dose. With its SMARTZOOM collimators, modified cardio-centric acquisition and special reconstruction methods, IQ•SPECT is the solution for fast cardiac imaging using half the dose with twice the speed.

Reproducible quantification in molecular cardiac imaging
Biograph mCT

Molecular CT. Quantification Redefined.
With Biograph™ mCT, Siemens Healthineers brings reproducible quantification to molecular imaging. Quantify1 absolute myocardial blood flow, to make more accurate treatment decisions and minimize risk to your patients.