Cardiac CT

CT Cardiovascular Imaging

Cardiovascular imaging is considered to be one of the central pillars of diagnostic imaging, and Computed Tomography plays its part here significantly. With the increase in referrals for these procedures comes an increase in the complexity of the patients needing scans. We offer perfectly attuned solutions to answer your clinical questions in Cardiology – from diagnosis to therapy and follow-up.

But robust cardiac imaging is only possible with an adequately high temporal resolution, making it possible to image the heart without motion artifacts. Synergizing the best scanner technology with fast and intelligent workflow applications leads to the complete solution needed to make fast and confident decisions. From automatic reconstruction of the data, automatic detection of the cardiac phase with the least motion to the isolation of the heart, all features are dedicated to make your daily work faster and easier.

Dual Source CT allows for cardiac imaging without motion artifacts
Cardiac CT without limitations – experience the benefits of Dual Source CT. Thanks to unrivaled power and precision, Dual Source CT enables you to obtain high-quality results in every situation easily and conveniently. Our revolutionary technology is the right match for even the most challenging and advanced imaging applications. Eliminate cardiac and coronary motion at low contrast and radiation dose levels with Dual Source unique native temporal resolution.
Explore untapped potential in cardiac with Dual Source CT technology

Cardiac CT was the starting point of Dual Source CT – and there are still many applications only possible with Dual Source technology.