Webinar: Breathing Not Properly: Heart Failure – Insights on Natriuretic Peptide

  • Pathophysiology of Heart Failure and its position in the Continuum of Cardiovascular Disease
  • Diagnosis and Classification of Heart Failure: Introduction to the Universal Definition of Heart Failure Consensus Statement published in April 2021
  • Brief overview of the clinical management of Heart Failure
  • The importance of Natriuretic Peptides (BNP and NT-proBNP) in the diagnosis, prognosis and management of Heart Failure
  • Clinical utility of Natriuretic Peptide assays in Asia Pacific - best practice sharing from AP region


This webinar is organized in collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Clinical Biochemists (MACB) in an effort to advance online education for medical professionals.


Date: 6 May 2021 | Thursday
Time: 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm Malaysia time
Location: Microsoft Teams

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