Breast cancer awareness, #getchecked

Know what isn't normal in the new normalFind out here how screening works and hear the story of a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of the pandemic.

The “new normal” is putting a lot of plans on hold. But breast cancer doesn’t wait for a convenient time. Don’t let COVID-19 stop you from doing yourself checks or even getting scanned. The clinics are safe and healthcare workers are there for you. Keep checking because the sooner breast cancer is detected, the better the chance of recovery.
Make checking yourself, your new normal.

The suspicion of breast cancer fuels many uncertainties and fears. Education and holistic care are key to understanding the disease and taking the right steps toward treatment.

    In the middle of the pandemic, Tisha discovered something unusual in her breast. It seemed the worst possible time. Tisha tells the story of her discovery, the treatment and why checking in the new normal, should be every woman’s new normal.

    We are constantly developing new solutions for breast imaging and screening.
    Every innovation is a step towards better diagnosis and treatments. 
    Meet Dr. Anna Jerebko, one of the bright minds pioneering advances in breast cancer detection at Siemens Healthineers.

    Matteo Passamonti, MD, Clinical Director at Breast Unit ASST Lodi in Italy, gives insights into what is different today and how he and his team make sure women can still feel safe. 

    There are some things you shouldn’t postpone during COVID-19.

    You put a lot on hold in the name of safety, but delaying your breast cancer checks puts you at serious risk. Get checked. Early discovery is the best path to recovery.

    The ABCs of mammography.

    What is a mammography? Why does innovation matter?
    Find the answers here.