VersaCell Solution Testimonials


"I am a Lab Chief, and the last time...I used an instrument was 25-30 years ago. I have used the VersaCell instrument after one hour of training. It is easy to use."

Dr. Tozzoli
Lab Director
Ospedale di Latisana, Italy

"VersaCell I think it is an easy instrument, it is the first time I saw the VersaCell instrument. On Monday, you explained the system and I worked with the instrument, without any problem. The versatility of the machine, [the] ease [of movement] to different screens of activities…made this an easy instrument to use from my point of view."

"I admit, I don’t normally work with the instruments – I reproduce[d] exactly the work of the day in my laboratory alone without any help. The VersaCell solution can be very helpful in my organization"

Dr. Vignati
Director of Centro Malattie Endocrine e Metaboliche
Ospedale G.Fornaroli, Magenta, Italy