Symbia T Series

Symbia T Series
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IQ•SPECT is the world’s first intelligent SPECT technology. With IQ•SPECT, you can receive more information from the heart in 4 minutes than you would with a conventional SPECT in 16 minutes. Its dual SMARTZOOM collimators work in tandem to track the heart and keep it in the sweet spot at all times. So the acquisition can be quick and accurate, resulting in excellent patient comfort and superb throughput.

  • SMARTZOOM collimators center on the heart, collecting up to 4 times1 more counts than parallel hole collimators. These collimators magnify the heart while still capturing counts from the entire body, so truncation is virtually eliminated.
  • IQ•SPECT’s cardio-centric orbit is centered on the heart instead of the gantry’s mechanical center. This ensures the heart is always in the SMARTZOOM collimators’ magnification area.

1Competitive information is based on published literature at the time of printing; data on file.

Integrated and Automatic Collimator Changer

The Automatic Collimator Changer (ACC) provides a motorized collimator motion to the integrated collimator changer. By integrating the collimator changer into the system, Symbia eliminates the need for a collimator cart by providing a storage area underneath the patient bed for both low and medium energy collimators.


  • Saves space
  • Easy to use
  • More time to perform other tasks
  • More scheduling flexibility

Automatic Quality Control

With automated daily, weekly, and monthly quality control (QC), you can take comfort in the knowledge that QC is performed routinely and consistently. Automatic Quality Control (AQC) automatically starts the specified QC tasks so they are finished before your first scheduled patient arrives. AQC uses built-in shielded sources: A point source for peaking and tuning, a line source for extrinsic flood, and a sleeve with five slits for center of rotation and multiple head registration. The process finishes with a report of the completed QC results and integrates with SRS.

  • Reliable, consistently reproducible QC
  • Performance trending
  • Potentially eliminate risk of spillage with open sources
  • Operator dose reduction
  • Remote Service Access monitoring to prevent unscheduled downtime

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