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Double the throughput

The long exam times and routine manual tasks of conventional SPECT systems often limit workflow efficiency, consuming time and resources that could be directed toward more valuable patient-oriented activities.

Symbia Evo™ automates your routine tasks with exclusive features, such as Automated Quality Control (AQC) and Automated Collimator Changer (ACC). Cardiac throughput can also be significantly improved with IQ•SPECT’s four-minute acquisition.


With a focus on increasing your productivity, Symbia Evo offers you the ability to save up to 50%1 more time and the potential to double patient throughput.


Image every2 patient

Delivering high-quality care means being able to scan every2 patient regardless of their size or condition2. Most SPECT systems today are limited in their ability to image large patients and often are not flexible enough to accommodate critically ill patients who are unable to move.


With exceptional detector flexibility, Symbia Evo supports gurney and hospital bed imaging. The patient bed supports up to 227 kg (500 lb), while the lowest bed position offers easy access to patients with limited mobility.


Increase your scannable population and improve patient comfort with a 30%3 larger bore; a high-capacity, low-height patient bed; and gurney and hospital bed imaging capabilities.

Read with confidence


Reliable and reproducible clinical information is vital to support sound physician decision-making. The low sensitivity and sub-par reconstruction techniques of traditional SPECT systems can limit the amount of clinical information available to physicians.

Equipped with leading high-definition detector technology, Symbia Evo offers the highest1 collimator sensitivity and the best1 NEMA-reconstructed resolution.

With industry-leading1 image quality, Symbia Evo delivers accurate and reproducible clinical information to support physicians’ diagnostic confidence, potentially leading to improved clinical outcomes and reduced readmission rates.

Proactive service solutions

Siemens Guardian Program

Peak performance and higher uptime are achieved by proactively ensuring system availability. Siemens remotely monitors and repairs equipment to forecast, diagnose and often prevent system issues before they occur. Our preventative maintenance approach is both interactive and proactive, providing peace-of-mind protection throughout your service contract. With Siemens Guardian Program™, downtime can be predicted ahead of time, so you can plan maintenance around your schedule for increased system utilization.

Utilization Management
Productivity is improved through increased workflow and process optimization. This, along with Siemens consulting tools, help improve efficiency, system utilization and return on investment. Learn about your strengths and improvement potential across all professional groups. Utilization Management tracks and analyzes quantitative data from your system’s daily operations via Siemens Remote Service, a secure remote connection. The result is a detailed and flexible system-specific utilization report that improves your ability to monitor patient wait-time, personnel efficiency, system utilization rates, and study volume and mix.



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1Based on competitive literature available at time of publication. Data on file.

2Patients up to 227 kg (500 lb).

3Compared to previous systems.