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New IRW 4.2 brings advanced productivity features that enhance your workflow and research outcomes with flexible and customizable processing workflows that increase processing through-put by up to 2 times and improves reproducibility between users, providing more confident quantitative results. Inveon Workplace will inspire discoveries and take your research from discovery to delivery.

Designed to help you overcome today‘s research challenges, Siemens InveonTM Research Workplace 4.2 (IRW 4.2) and Inveon Viewer take preclinical imaging to new levels by providing a powerful combination of image visualization, analysis and collaboration tools. The powerful Application Programmable Extension (APEx) toolkit within IRW 4.2 gives researchers all the flexibility needed to customize the software to their individual research needs. To learn more about Inveon Research Workplace 4.2, click here.

With Inveon Viewer software, images can be visualized directly on the Inveon acquisition workstation, which enables making rapid adjustments to scan protocols, if necessary. With the ability to generate multiple licenses of the software, Inveon Viewer is designed to facilitate highly productive research collaborations, which enables you to expand your research program. To learn more about Inveon Viewer, click here.


  • In conjunction with Inveon Acquisition Workplace (IAW), IRW delivers a comprehensive solution for all steps of the preclinical workflow to enable fast and efficient research
  • In addition, the combined power of Inveon Acquisition Workplace 2.0 (IAW 2.0) and IRW 4.2 delievers semi-quantitaive SPECT analysis capabilities, further expanding the research capabilities of Inveon™
  • Supports all major research applications including oncology, cardiology, neurology, kinetic modeling and bone research
  • Loaded with tools for distribution of data and movies in a variety of formats and compatible with other software


Redefining Research

The APEx toolkit within IRW 4.2 expands the overall capabilities of the core software by allowing users to address their specific needs by creating new functionalities using programmable custom equations to support novel applications.


  • Perform digital image calculations using customized equations to create new visualization methods to enable support for novel applications
  • Automate ROI calculations using programmable equations and convert cumbersome tasks into simple routines
  • Improve image visualization and enable advanced processing with region-defined calculation
  • Expand the capabilities of IRW software to support novel applications by creating customized segmentation algorithms that can be saved, recalled and shared


Sharing Discoveries

The Inveon Viewer software allows the user to generate and distribute up to 15 renewable licenses of the software, enabling the primary research investigator and their collaborators to work off the same software interface. This feature facilitates efficient collaborations and increased quantitative accuracy in joint research projects.


  • Easily generate multiple licenses of the Inveon Viewer and share copies with your research collaborators
  • Exchange data and images seamlessly using a common visualization and analysis platform and improve the overall quality of research
  • Generate highly consistent quantitative results in research collaborations by utilizing the powerful set of ROI creation and editing tools within the Inveon Viewer

Advancing Productivity

With the significant feature enhancements in IRW 4.2 and the capabilities of Inveon Viewer, researchers can enjoy a new level of workflow efficiency and advanced overall productivity in preclinical imaging research.


  • Perform advanced image manipulations directly using IRW 4.2 without the need to transfer images to other image analysis software packages
  • Automated ROI calculations can be performed within IRW 4.2 without having to export data into external quantification tools
  • Enhance productivity and improve reproducibility with user predefined pre-processing workflows on IRW 4.2
  • Routine segmentation analysis on multiple animals becomes easy with the ability to create, save and recall custom segmentation algorithms in IRW 4.2
  • The ability to view images directly on the acquisition workstation using Inveon Viewer allows for quick decisions on imaging protocols and results


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