Improving patient experience

Improving Patient ExperienceHow to Improve Patient Care and Why It Is Important

Today, the patient journey is still in its infancy. But patients increasingly choose healthcare providers who can respond to their needs. Improving patient experience is about improving the sum of all interactions that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care. This starts with engaging people before they become patients and it continues with the diagnostic and therapeutic experience in a care setting. Ultimately what matters to patients are treatment outcomes that lead to higher-quality of life. Patients stay loyal to health systems that create excellent experiences.

Learn from the experts of patient experience

Isabel Nieto Alvarez talks about the changes in patients’ real-world experiences, expectations, and how feedback is crucial for a human centred, holistic and data driven future of the patient experience.

Christina Triantafyllou covers a range of topics in her talk about what defines the patient experience and how disruptive COVID-19 was on the system, the healthcare workers and patients alike. And where we go from here.

Jason Wolf, President and founder of The Beryl Institute and the Founding Editor of the Patient Experience Journal (PXJ)