Sysmex CN-3000 and CN-6000 SystemsMeet the small-sized, mid- and high-volume hemostasis testing solutions to tackle big lab challenges.

Features & Benefits

Where size, speed, intelligence, and flexibility combine to accelerate hemostasis workflows

The Sysmex CN-3000 and CN-6000 Systems1 are fully automated, mid- and high-volume coagulation analyzers. They are:

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The smallest footprint available2 in the hemostasis market.

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450 PT tests per hour — the fastest3 throughput in the industry.

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Intelligent workflow features and artificial intelligence (AI) unite for our smartest4 hemostasis analyzers yet. 

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More flexible

Mid- and high-volume throughput options combined with a variety of automation choices.5

The Sysmex CN Systems1 leverage optical testing methodology with intelligent software to automate and standardize sample management for reliable results, reduced repeat testing, and reagent waste. With the flexibility to support mid- or high-volume throughput needs, to operate as stand-alone analyzers, or connect to automation, the systems deliver what labs need to support a variety of testing profiles and space requirements.

Sysmex CN-6000 System
  1. Sysmex CN-6000 System Lab tech removing samples close-up

    • Smallest hemostasis testing system available.2
    • Fast throughput of up to 450 PT tests/hour.8
    • Simultaneous sample loading from both track and front of system for flexible testing options and enhanced STAT management.
    • Optional sampler increases capacity

    2 As of April 2021. Footprint compared to competitor systems in the same volume class as listed on
    8 CN-6000 System throughput: 400 PT/APTT; Sysmex CN-3000 System throughput: 215 PT/APTT.

  2. Siemens-Healthineers-two-hidden-probes-with-cuves

    • System detects and manages unsuitable samples to reduce retests and reflex testing. 
    • Optical methodology displays clot formation for evaluation of fragile clots. 
    • Smart PSITM technology detects and uses common aliquot to avoid sample waste. 
    • Gain-switching technology enables precise testing and reporting of samples that have high levels of interferences, e.g., highly lipemic samples.

  3. Sysmex CN-3000/6000 System Lab tech reviewing sample results error

    • System detects impeding issues and provides the operator with guidance on corrective actions.
    • Intelligent sample flag management and guidance help technicians quickly identify and resolve issues.
    • Advanced audit trail enhances traceability, including consumables and error traceability.

  4. Sysmex CN-3000/6000 Software screenshot showing reagent table

    • System provides algorithmic calculation of number of tests onboard and scheduled per day for smarter workflow and fewer interruptions. 
    • Reagents and consumables home screen consolidates daily workload information into one easy-to-understand and actionable dashboard.
    • Smart LED light source has a lifespan of up to 5 years for continuous and uninterrupted multiwavelength scanning.

  5. Sysmex CN-3000/6000 platelet aggregation result screenshot

    • Integrated platelet aggregation testing6 simplifies and automates assessment of platelet disorders.
    • Clot waveform analysis (CWA)7 illustrates optical reaction profile during PT or APTT measurement and provides qualitative, sensitive waveform patterns.
    • Automated mixing studies provide data and guidance to clinicians regarding factor deficiencies and circulating inhibitor patterns.

    6 The products/features are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons, their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details. In the U.S., platelet aggregation testing is for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.
    7 Research use only.

  6. Sysmex CN-6000 sampler with tubes

    •  Automated system startup and backup simplify routine tasks. 
    • Contactless smart card log-on simplifies workflow and shift changes. 
    • Automatic screen lock and user-defined access levels help to ensure result integrity and reduce the risk of user errors. 
    • Simple daily maintenance procedures (less than 5 minutes per day with ready-to-use cleaning solution) streamline workflow and extend uptime.

  7. U-turn of lab automation track

    • Mid-volume instrument connectivity to lab automation system (LAS) means more options for right-sizing your hemostasis workflow. 
    • Workcell sample transfer track can connect up to three Sysmex systems and transport up to 1000 tubes/hour.5 
    • Flexible workcell configurations support a mix of Sysmex CN and CS-5100 Systems.5 
    • Point-in-space sampling enables rapid throughput.

    5 Modular workcell automation is under development. Not available for sale. Future availability cannot be guaranteed.


Siemens Healthineers Sysmex CN-3000-6000-System-reagent-table

The cooled reagent storage (4-12°C) contains 38 tilted positions for reagents, controls, and calibrators as well as 6 buffer solution positions.

The Sysmex CN-3000 and CN-6000 Systems1 offer an expansive test menu of routine and specialty hemostasis assays—including several INNOVANCE® assays — all on a single instrument, allowing labs to run more tests per sample while processing a higher number of samples.

Technical Specifications

Learn more about key specifications and differences between the Sysmex CN-3000 and CN-6000 Systems.1