Atellica COAG 360 System
One hemostasis system. Five methodologies. Infinite Possibilities.

Atellica COAG 360 System
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The Atellica® COAG 360 System1 offers high-volume specialty hemostasis labs a transformative array of capabilities to streamline and unify hemostasis testing.

Control: Streamline workflow through reduced manual interaction, extended walkaway time, and uninterrupted sample measurement.

  • Intelligent reagent and consumable management (true continuous loading, unloading, and real-time monitoring).
  • Continuous access to all storage areas such as cuvettes, water, waste, reagents and stir bars. Direct plumbing of water and waste.
  • Daily/weekly maintenance in less than 2/20 minutes, respectively, recorded at the touch of a button.
  • User-defined automated start-up routine.
  • Automated reflex, redilution, multidilution analysis, and repeat testing using customizable (lab-specific) rules.

Control: Enhance operations through rapid throughput, superior reagent stability and traceability.

  • Refrigerated chamber and anti-evaporation caps enable similar stability of once-opened and onboard reagents for many applications2—saving you more than 1.5 hours per week.3 This lowers reagent-management costs, and maximizes tests per vial.
  • Rapid throughput for specialty assays and profiles with multiple tests per sample. 24 flexible reaction detector positions and a dedicated LOCI reader enable high-capacity performance for a variety of test profiles. High specialty-testing throughput of 310 results per hour4 delivers faster results.
  • In-depth audit and archive capabilities allow thorough traceability of results, including >5 years’ storage.

Simplicity: Simplify lab operations with five methodologies on one platform, speeding test results for all samples.

  • Combines five methodologies—clotting (optical and optomechanical), chromogenic, immunologic, platelet aggregation, and high-sensitivity immunoassay (LOCI) testing—on one hemostasis testing platform, speeding test results for all samples.
  • Deploys fully automated reaction stirring for optomechanical clotting tests5 and aggregation testing5, enabling random access for special parameters.
  • Eases sample management with cap-piercing technology and the ability to process a large variety of primary and secondary sample tubes.
  • Intuitive system interface leverages user-friendly software structure.

Simplicity: Leverage innovative assays and/or connectivity options to consolidate routine and specialty testing.

  • Broad, easy-to-use specialty testing menu includes state-of-the-art INNOVANCE® and INNOVANCE LOCI assays, consolidating routine and specialty testing onto one system.
  • Flexible and multidisciplinary connectivity options allow customizable integration with point-in-space sample transfer design to our automation solutions: Aptio® Automation, FlexLab Automation, CentraLink® Data Management System.
  • Designed to complement the proven Sysmex® CS-5100 System.

Better Outcomes: Reduce errors, minimize repeat testing with reliable test results.

  • Advanced preanalytical capabilities using proven PSI technology and simultaneous multiwavelength scanning for accurate and reliable results on the first run.
  • Primary-tube sample-volume checks, advanced assay-specific sample quality checks for hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia (HIL) interference.
  • Nine predefined, assay-specific HIL interference warning levels used for all Siemens Healthineers applications.
  • Simultaneous multiwavelength scanning reduces the effects of interfering substances on the absorbance spectra by automatically selecting optimal wavelengths.

Better Outcomes: Deliver infinite possibilities, focus on value-added services.

  • First hemostasis system to integrate LOCI technology and automate determination of prothrombin fragment F1+2 into daily routine with a fast assay turnaround time of less than 15 minutes, four times faster than the current testing protocol.
  • STAT results in less than 8 minutes allow fast and efficient handling of emergency samples.
  • Gain time to shift lab focus from operational tasks to results interpretation, improved clinical outcomes.

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1Not available for sale in the U.S.
2Please refer to instrument-specific reagent application/reference guide for more information.
3Results based on a quantitative study comparing Atellica COAG 360 System and BCS® XP System.
4Throughput values were determined by the time to first result using Siemens study protocol with cap piercing and HIL for PT/APTT/AT/DD (Thromborel® S, Pathromtin™ SL, INNOVANCE Antithrombin, INNOVANCE D-Dimer reagents).
5Siemens Healthineers applications are under development.

The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens organization for further details.