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i-trendz Newzflash Issue 14
The issue highlights SOMATOM Drive Dual Source CT scanner by Siemens Healthineers
i-trendz Newzflash Issue 14 (July 2016 1.3 MB
i-trendz Issue 03Most recent technological advancements in the field of obstetric ultrasound from Siemensi-trendz (April 2016) 2.7 MB
i-trendz Newzflash Issue 13New launch - ACUSON S2000™ ultrasound system, HELX™ Evolution with Touch Controli-trendz Newzflash (April 2016)
 0.3 MB
i-trendz Newzflash Issue 12New launch - ACUSON NX3TM Series-trendz Newzflash (January 2016)
 0.9 MB
i-trendz Issue 02The issue features Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse (ARFI) based Virtual TouchTM applications from Siemens and its growing role in the field of breast elastographyi-trendz (November 2015)
 8.4 MB
i-trendz Issue 01The current issue highlights the utility of High Resolution Ultrasonography in musculoskeletal imaging (MSUS)i-trendz (October 2015)
 2.8 MB


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