Digital pathway enablers

Digital pathway enablers
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At every stage of the healthcare continuum, our digital solutions help you to deliver high-quality care patients expect. Our portfolio of digital products provide interpreted, action-oriented results to help you expedite decision-making, optimize treatment, and streamline workflows across the clinical specialties of cardiology, oncology and chronic diseases. The right digital solution allows you to spend less time accessing information across multiple systems and more time on what matters most: Your patients.


With the ever-increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease, you need agility in managing patient data and accessing the critical patient insights that help inform clinical management. Siemens Healthineers digital solutions provide meaningful care coordination along the cardiac pathway by connecting systems, operationalizing data, and guiding the clinical decision.

Our digital solutions enable you with the tools you need to efficiently manage increasing numbers of cardiac patients with less complexity so that you can deliver better outcomes. 



As a specialty, oncology faces unique challenges in patient care, with complex management and treatment decisions derived from numerous disease variations and sources of data. Mitigating these challenges requires good collaboration and coordination among the care team and a holistic view of the patient through patient-centered data management.

By focusing on integrating intelligence into data and ensuring ease of access, our digital solutions provide you with the tools to

  • assess patient information holistically,
  • get recommendations on diagnostic and treatment decisions,
  • and adjust treatment plans.



Chronic diseases

As a clinician, understanding the health of your population to manage and prevent chronic diseases relies on leveraging data. Your patients are also becoming consumers and therefore more engaged in managing their health and wellness using digital technologies. Robust digital solutions are required to connect you to the data and your patients - from screening through diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up.

Your ability to effectively access relevant patient diagnostic information is essential to proactively engage patients, identify disease risk, and deter disease progression. Our digital solutions connect clinicians to patient health data across the clinical network and provide network services and applications for support of cross-institutional communication, thereby improving outcomes while also lowering healthcare costs.


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