Interview with Nancy WestNancy West, Head of Enterprise Services, Siemens Healthineers GB&I

Nancy West

Just over 3 years now.

I am responsible for our Enterprise Services (ES) business horizontal, delivering Value Partnerships. Our team takes a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to supporting healthcare providers. We build long-term, sustainable solutions that combine our entire portfolio of technology and services to directly address challenges and realise the vision of our clients. No two Value Partnerships are the same - because no two healthcare providers are the same. In other words, we deliver value beyond technology. We enable our partners to overcome their wider challenges, adapt to their changing environment and succeed both now and in the future. 

There are several elements to the business area that run alongside one and other. We have our business development team who engage with customers about their challenges, creating demand and then developing the right solution to fit the client. Our operations team are responsible for delivering those partnerships, supported by our technical support and project realisation team who are responsible for ensuring that our partnerships are professionally implemented and provide industry-wide technical advice throughout the term. Working with all of these teams are our healthcare consulting and transformation experts, who work closely with our clients to identify areas where we can support them in transforming processes to improve the patient journey and reduce unnecessary steps in the various workflows. All of the ES team is focused on delivering sustainable partnerships that generate clinical, operational and/or financial benefits for healthcare providers.

We have a diverse and geographically spread team; we have people working in many areas of expertise requiring varied skills sets and we have a significant number of people that are based at hospitals working every day of the week supporting customers on the ground with all their technology and process needs. One key thing is that we’re not just providing Siemens Healthineers equipment, we’re providing equipment from other suppliers too, including equipment that’s outside of our scope of manufacture.

Originally, I came to Siemens following an acquisition. I have a background in finance and Siemens Healthineers opened up many new opportunities for me. When I came in as a finance and commercial manager, I originally supported the financial modelling for Managed Equipment Service contracts. At that point, our managing director, Peter Harrison, talked to me about what my career pathway could look like and encouraged me to think about the possibilities of new areas to stretch my skills. As a result of this, I went on to spend a period of time working at Barnet Hospital, providing commercial support to the client. This led me to realise that a client-facing position would be a good next step, and from there I moved into a business development management role, latterly heading the business development function as the business grew. I was delighted to take the position I hold today three years ago; leading Enterprise Services is something I’m really proud of. One thing I would say is that you can change career if, and when, you want to - it does work out and I have never had any regrets, some scary moments, but no regrets!

There really is no typical working day for me, which is one of the things I love about my role, but perhaps a typical working week? I do spend as much time as I can out seeing clients; making sure we are delivering on our promises, that we’re responding quickly to any challenges that are presenting themselves and seeing how we can continue to improve what we do. I spend time working with the Business Development team on innovating new solutions for healthcare providers - customer contact is hugely important to us as our clients face ever-changing challenges we have to keep creating and delivering new solutions, we have to be entrepreneurial and we have to know what’s going on.

Whilst quite a significant part of my week is around that there is of course the administrative side which make up the other half of my workload. Today for example, I have some presentations to prepare for some visits we are getting ready for and various reporting demands around performance of the business.  

There are never enough hours in the day! I’m very fortunate to be in a role that I love, working with people who make me proud every day in a company that is admired and respected globally. We’re given the mandate to create innovative solutions, strategies and services to help our clients address the constant change that’s such a large part of healthcare delivery. Prioritising and ensuring we’re focusing on the right things can be tough – we all want to get it right and we all want to do things fast.

The encouragement to create new solutions and to be entrepreneurial has always been one of the most rewarding elements of my role. I often refer, tongue in cheek, to “making it up as we go along” – it’s not quite like that, but certainly emulates that culture of fostering creative business ideas make my role hugely rewarding. We started Enterprise Services here in the UK with our Managed Equipment Services solution – that’s a great example where we had the ideas and had to start from scratch almost as a start-up. 

The second thing is developing and maintaining a close relationship with the clients that we have worked with for some time and seeing the difference our Value Partnerships make to both staff and patients. For example, the engagement we have at Guy’s and St Thomas, to support the Trust in embedding sustainable improvement in processes is really impacting on the way patients experience the healthcare system – we’re super proud of that kind of work.

Southampton is another great example where we’ve supported them in transforming their department – from the design and construction of the layouts through to the market-leading technology. The staff love it and the patients love it.  

I come from a Siemens family. My husband works for Siemens, his father worked for Siemens, my son has just completed an internship here. I remember my son writing to Peter Harrison to request the placement and there was nothing in my mind to give me a moment of doubt that this wouldn’t be great for him.

Siemens Healthineers provides the opportunity to be challenged and to grow. It’s important that you own your development and career plan and we provide great support in many forms - mentors, coaches and learning opportunities Are all available to help you get the most from your career.

There is a diverse and dynamic environment at Siemens Healthineers, we really care about our people and I think that’s all you could ever want from an employer! 

Exciting, entrepreneurial, caring, challenging and rewarding.

Because I spend quite a lot of time travelling, my time at home is precious. When I am at home I really want to spend time with my family, I have a son and a step-daughter who both have lovely partners and we all try and see each other as much as we can. 

I enjoy having friends over, so at the weekends, we do quite a lot of entertaining, otherwise I try to run about 5k around three or four times a week.

My parents live in France and I would like to visit them more often. In terms of hobbies, when I was younger I use to play the piano and I would like to take it up again… and perhaps tap dancing!

Emotional, organised, determined