Managed Equipment Services (MES)
Placing efficiency at the heart of operations to improve clinical outcomes

A Siemens Managed Equipment Service (MES) provides you with a proven partnership model to achieve improved quality of care and operational excellence. It allows access to innovative technology for a fixed annual fee, whilst managing all your equipment concerns including maintenance and ongoing replacement, in a bespoke model. As hospitals strive to improve efficiency and workflow to improve clinical outcomes, the concept of a flexible relationship with a global pioneer of bespoke healthcare solutions can help to achieve Trust goals whilst addressing wider issues in the ever changing healthcare landscape. A MES partnership with Siemens enables you to concentrate on what's most important - patient care.


Performance through Partnership

Managed Equipment Services is a flexible and specialized partnership with a private sector service provider, like Siemens, to provide you with access to innovative medical technology and equipment. This healthcare partnership typically covers a period of 10-25 years (sometimes longer), for a fixed annual fee.


Medical equipment management throughout the entire contract life-time
Siemens MES manages all your equipment concerns such as ownership, provision, purchase, installation and commissioning, user training, asset management, maintenance and ongoing replacement. Moreover, Siemens offers a so-called ‘multi-vendor’ MES. This means non-Siemens products can be provided within the service. A MES partnership with us enables you to concentrate on what's most important - patient care.