Enterprise ServicesPerformance through partnership

We provide flexible, comprehensive solutions for healthcare providers that help reduce costs, improve clinical outcomes, and enhance the patient experience. By combining our technology leadership with profound experience in clinical consulting and workflow optimization, we’re creating value beyond our product business for your healthcare institution.

We are all patients at some time and most of us know first-hand about pressures on the NHS. We’re living longer with more complex conditions, so there are more of us than ever requiring care. Waiting times are rising and this is particularly stressful if we need an investigation or scan to find out what’s wrong. Our service expectations are rising too because we’re living in a ‘consumer’ age.

The NHS has a lot on its plate and the burden is only set to grow.

To add to this, technology and treatments are evolving rapidly and driving innovation. Digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) are taking giant steps. This is clearly great news, yet it adds pressure on the NHS to keep up. With limited budgets, outdated facilities, inefficient workflows and staff shortages, this is no easy task.

The challenges for the NHS don’t stop there. There’s a shift towards value-based medicine which relies on more integrated care, earlier diagnosis and faster, better treatments. Mergers, reconfigurations and service transformation are on everyone’s agenda. Yet staff motivation is a prerequisite for coping with so much change, and some are simply fed up.

In order to overcome these challenges and succeed, NHS providers need access to resources, skills and knowledge that aren’t available in-house. One solution is a long-term ES partnership with Siemens Healthineers.

Value Partnerships

Our Enterprise Services team takes a holistic approach to supporting customers. We build long-term Value Partnerships™ that combine our entire portfolio of technology and services.

Our partnership approach is based on three ‘engines’:
1. Optimise – enhance processes, streamline operations and improve patient experience
2. Expand – add new capabilities and scale up existing ones to transform care delivery
3. Advance – elevate the quality and precision of care by advancing the level of innovation

In other words, Enterprise Services delivers value beyond technology. We enable our partners to overcome their wider challenges, adapt to their changing environment and succeed both now and in the future.