Optimise Contrast - CTReduce the amount of contrast used in routine CT without image quality compromise.

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The key objective of the CT Contrast optimisation & educational programme is to gain an insight into the current contrast dose within routine CT examination in the department with an expectation that we can reduce the amount of contract used without compromising image quality. Beyond this, the expected outcome is to standardise work practices, enhance staff knowledge and improve patient care.

5 days in total. 2 days on site.

CT contrast optimisation should be delivered after stable clinical protocols have been achieved on the CT scanner, typically a year after the initial applications training. Prerequisites are:

  • Siemens CT Scanner
  • Nominate a Project Manager from your team as the key contact.
  • Nominate a Radiologist who will confirm acceptance of the image quality

Features & Benefits

  • In-depth analysis of your baseline CT contrast dose
  • Recommendations and support for change implementation
  • Optimisation of scan protocols
  • Customised training on parameters affecting contrast dose
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Our presentation of the initial baseline findings will provide the perfect platform for discussion of current and future state. From there, we can agree a road map for implementing change.

  • Identify potential areas for contrast optimisation in routine CT examinations
  • Standardise work practices
  • Train staff and enhance their knowledge
  • Reduce contrast costs