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Acute Kidney injury (AKI) affects 13.3 million people worldwide and costs the NHS more than £1.02 billion. However, AKI is preventable and treatable, often with few, if any, long term health consequences. Although, the lack of early identification and treatment in many countries - both in the developing and developed world means that patients often don't receive essential care before it is too late.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition characterised by a gradual loss of kidney function over time. In England, NHS kidney disease care costs more than breast, lung, colon, and skin cancer combined. Chronic kidney disease may be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure and other disorders. Early detection and treatment can often keep chronic kidney disease from getting worse.

With early chronic kidney disease, people tend not to feel ill or notice symptoms since kidneys can tolerate decreased function – which is why it’s been called a “silent killer.” Imaging, laboratory diagnostics, and point‐of‐care testing are integral in screening, diagnosing, and/or monitoring most kidney conditions, and Siemens Healthineers offers comprehensive kidney testing to transform care delivery across the renal care continuum.

Whether as a patient or when caring for a loved one, being informed about kidney disease is a powerful way to improve the patient experience. It can provide comfort and enable confidence to make more-informed care decisions.

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