Entering into a new era for managing the patient relationship

Red Cross Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal

The Hospital da Cruz Vermelho Portuguesa (Red Cross Hospital) in Lisbon and Siemens Healthineers have signed a ten-year partnership agreement for the new heart center. The heart center will focus on the full cardiovascular continuum – prevention, early detection, treatment, and follow-up of cardiovascular diseases, aiming at being one of the most modern in Portugal. The Value Partnership includes provision of solutions and services for clinical workflow design, medical equipment for cardiology, and maintenance and technology development plans. Siemens Healthineers will also provide a digital solution for a full patient-centric view, including patient monitoring using smart devices. The scope of the contract includes research development, strategic consulting and ongoing change management aiming to continuously improve the patient experience.

Value Contribution

10 years Value Partnership

Focusing primarily on patient satisfaction

Health 4.0

Optimized care and personalized treatments through telemonitoring

Care continuum

eHealth solution enables precise follow-ups and full transparency for patients 



Increase patient satisfaction

Deliver great patient experience by improving relevant clinical results 

Leverage digitalization

Provide innovative services to increase clinical quality and proximity to the patient 

Improve patient outcomes

Focus on patient follow-ups to prevent the growing risk of cardiovascular diseases

  • 10-year Value Partnership for technical design, implementation, and operation of the new heart center
  • Solution includes advanced imaging and interventional technology, healthcare IT solutions, as well as maintenance and technology evolution plans. Transformation and advisory services and a change management program are also covered
  • Focus is set on clinical and value-driven innovations, e.g., digital solutions for telemonitoring

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