Siemens Healthineers Value Partnerships Case Study: ZGT (Ziekenhuisgroep Twente) - Transforming care delivery in a challenging emergency department setting

Improving patient outcomes by combining breast cancer and prostate care in one building at

Alexander Monro Ziekenhuis, Netherlands

Value Contribution

Increase efficiency

Both in the field of breast cancer care and in the field of prostate care

1 Combined and modernized breast cancer and prostate care centers

To provide high-quality patient care

Latest technology 

Enables more patient-friendly, minimally invasive prostate artery embolization



Improve operational outcomes

Reducing efficiency losses by combining the breast cancer and prostate care centers

Deliver high-quality care

Providing optimized diagnosis by leveraging innovative technology and experienced medical specialists

Improve patient outcomes

Focusing on a faster, patient-centric, and more effective cancer diagnosis and treatment

  • Value Partnership for the refurbishment and expansion of the breast cancer hospital
  • As a general contractor, Siemens Healthineers will also facilitate the opening of a prostate center at the same site as the breast cancer hospital. Operations are expected to start by the end of summer 2021
  • Provision of high-end medical diagnostic equipment—including image processing and temporary image storage—and technology for a hybrid OR, class 1,* to enable image-guided surgery and therapy
  • Innovative technology contributes to the rapid, effective diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and prostate problems, focusing on methods that are patient friendly and have fewer side effects

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