Benefit from a leasing solution for an operating room complex

Admiraal De Ruyter Ziekenhuis, Netherlands

The 10-year strategic partnership includes providing medical technology, facilities construction, financing, and management services. The Value Partnership with ADRZ leverages the strength of Siemens Healthineers in medical technology management, and digitalization into a long-term, performance-oriented engagement focusing on the creation of value. For ADRZ the increased value manifests in improved patient outcomes and increased competitiveness.

Value Contribution

10% lower turnkey investment

Compared with conventional solutions

More than $12 M Capital freed up

For urgently needed investments due to embedded financing solution

+ 1,000 additional operating hours per year

Through higher utilization rates



Improve patient experience

Optimize clinical operations to deliver outcomes that matter to patients

Deliver high-quality care

Expand medical facilities, modernize technology, and facilitate access to innovations

Stay competitive

Manage investments to realize improvement of healthcare services 

  • 10-year Value Partnership including design, construction, and latest technology for a complex of 6 operating rooms and a new hybrid OR in Goes
  • Financing and full relocation of the nuclear medicine department, covering design and construction of facilities and provision of innovative technology on a managed basis, including new PET-CT and SPECT-CT systems and equipment for preparing radioactive isotopes
  • Both facilities and medical technology are being leased by Siemens Healthineers to ADRZ, so that investments are managed efficiently and in line with the project budget

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