Digital & Transformation

Digital & TransformationDrive digital change with solutions that transform healthcare systems and organizations.


Digital & Transformation

We can help to raise an institution’s awareness of the status of its digital technology and offer recommendations for improvements through our Digital & Transformation practice.

In addition to measuring how well digital technology is utilized, Siemens Healthineers helps institutions to drive digital change with broad and diverse digital offerings.

Digital Health Strategy

Determine how successful your organization can be with digitalization.

It has never been more important for hospital and health system leaders to develop a clear digital vision and direction for their organizations.

Many studies have shown that it is common for healthcare providers to not be fully aware of their current digital capabilities or of the technology available. As a result, care delivery can fall short and providers become more vulnerable to competition. Through the Digital Health Strategy practice, Siemens Healthineers Value Partners will fully analyze your institution’s level of digitalization, report on how you compare with your competitors and national benchmarks, and, where requested, provide support for the introduction and acceptance of digital solutions that can effect positive change. In addition, Digital Health Strategy can provide customers with integrated solutions or from third party
Digital Health Strategy

providers for remote care, AI-assisted diagnosis and treatment, IT solutions for diagnostic labs and radiology teams, and more. We also provide innovative technology – powered by AI – to enhance clinical decision support by integrating clinical data from multiple sources 

(radiology, lab, clinical history, etc.) to give providers an integrated view of the patient’s status at the point of decision. This can help to increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis and optimize treatment pathways and management of patient journeys.
Our dynamic teams of consultants, researchers, and strategists approach challenges with diverse perspectives and experiences to help our customers anticipate and seize new business opportunities and innovative concepts. Balancing strategy with exploration, creativity with discipline, and practicality with ambition, we help providers untangle demanding challenges and develop viable solutions with lasting impact.
We go beyond opportunity analysis and portfolio management by also working with our clients to generate and build new offerings and businesses.

Digital Workflow

Optimize healthcare processes and patient pathways enhanced with “digital twin” technology.

The Digital Workflow practice offers innovative solutions like predictive modeling of healthcare processes with “digital twins” of your institution. Through this simulation, you can watch your institution grow and change in the virtual world before making costly real-life changes.
A digital twin of your facility integrates patient pathways, staff scheduling and movements, utilization and performance data from diagnostic equipment, and other data sources to build a dynamic and comprehensive model that you can use as a testbed. Use the power of the digital twin simulation to assess various scenarios and predict their operational and financial impact, allowing your institution to optimally allocate efforts and drive change with confidence.
In addition, Siemens Healthineers Value Partners also offers virtual stress tests that can be used to examine the robustness of your operations.
Digital Workflow
For example, how would increasing patient volumes, more complex patients, or a staff shortage affect you? Through the Digital Workflow practice, you can be prepared today for the challenges of tomorrow. We can also help you to assess utilization of both medical equipment and staff using proactive monitoring and technology such as RealTime Location Solutions (RTLS).
We’ll work with you to develop a technology roadmap to ensure alignment between your medical equipment fleet and your anticipated service demands. This roadmap also points the way to improving utilization and proactively managing capacity. Our expertise in utilization can help you avoid investment failures, underutilization, or lack of capacity.
Granting secure, convenient access to patient data across the institution is another way that Siemens Healthineers Value Partners can help optimize workflows. We help you with the strategic design of a full patient data infrastructure within your existing IT landscape. The solution includes one network within which staff can exchange information and communicate quickly and easily; online communication with both peers and patients for increased efficiency; and access to patient data that is independent of institution, role, time, or place; and teleconsultation capabilities.

Transformation & Implementation

Raise the bar for your corporate support functions and add value by embracing digitalization.

We will show you how to transform finance, IT, HR, legal, and facilities management into collaborative business partners that provide a competitive advantage. If some of these functions should be centralized as shared services, we can help you maximize the speed, efficiency, and quality of the work. And, in cases where it makes sense to bring in third parties, Siemens Healthineers Value Partners help you develop a sourcing strategy that complements your internal capabilities and serves your growth strategy.
From targeted solutions that have an immediate impact to transformational programs that redefine how work gets done, we help you elevate every function of your company to new levels of performance and give you a
Transformation & Implementation
competitive edge.
Siemens Healthineers Value Partners integrate data, resources, and people to provide value-based scenarios,
working together to transform our customers’ healthcare organization to achieve better outcomes and improve patient care.
We connect with hospital management teams and payers around the world to drive complex transformational change, implement innovative growth strategies, streamline patient-focused care pathways, and optimize customer operations.
Sustainable improvements that are linked to clinical, financial, and operational performance outcomes can be achieved by leveraging Lean tools, consulting skills, and change management processes. Together with our customers, we drive implementation, coach, and develop through training programs and pilots.

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