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Optimize clinical operationsAn effective strategy to deliver high-value care and control costs

Today’s healthcare landscape is highly competitive and rapidly changing, and providers are under pressure to deliver high-value care at lower cost. Healthcare providers’ costs per patient are continuously increasing, while at the same time revenues are decreasing. In 2020 the operating margins of healthcare providers in the US were 1.6%1 and 0.9% in Germany.2

The most effective strategy to remain cost effective without compromising quality and patient experience is optimizing clinical operations.

Insights Series, issue 7

This paper explores how the Martini-Klinik became the global leader in prostate surgery and which decisions and tactics helped in optimizing clinical operations.

Transforming care delivery to increase value

Transforming care delivery to increase value: Insights from leading healthcare organizations.

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Siemens Healthineers Talk with Prof. Hartwig Huland: Improving patient experience by super-specialization and high case volume

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The Martini-Klinik: Do one thing, and do it better than anyone else

Insights Series, issue 7: The case study how to optimize clinical operations with super-specialization

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Siemens Healthineers solutions to optimize clinical operations

Optimizing clinical operations can be achieved in a number of ways. An important first step is to define your clinical portfolio and the level of care you want to provide. Next, it is essential to develop suitable care delivery models, striking the right balance between cost, patient experience demands, and your desired degree of specialization. A crucial final step is to assess patients’ demands and guide them to the most appropriate care delivery sites.