Digital Health

Build a learning health systemFostering a culture of improvement

Sustaining the digital transformation

Sustaining the digital transformation is a challenge for many health systems primarily because of a weak commitment to digital adoption and a weak culture of improvement. These obstacles can be overcome through the creation of a learning health system.
Such a system should include:

  • data and technology that is easy to use and frees up the time of caregivers
  • an organization committed to the transformation, and
  • rigorous measurement and dissemination of patient outcomes.

Measuring outcomes is the basis for course correction and makes it possible to scale the right measures toward continually optimizing, expanding and advancing enterprise performance. 

We define a learning healthcare system, as a healthcare system that performs interventions, measures outcomes and course-corrects based on the evaluation of outcomes.

It creates iterative improvement and benefits, as well as is responsive to changes in underlying conditions or assumptions.

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    Cancer monitoring apps support the documentation of patient reported outcomes and the potential they have to improve personalized care - and perhaps even cancer survival rates. This case study investigates regulatory and organizational challenges when implementing digital apps and increasing their utilization acceptance.


    Digitalizing healthcare is a huge, ongoing, and in some ways constant endeavor. A strong, experienced, committed partner can help you leverage digitalization to transform your enterprise for the better. Siemens Healthineers is that kind of partner.