IMMULITE® 2000 Powerful SoftwareSophisticated IMMULITE 2000 Software Manages Your Testing Workload with Optimum Efficiency

IMMULITE 2000's software features the streamlined simplicity of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in a Microsoft® Windows® XP operating environment. Touch-screen commands put system navigation at your fingertips. Our software also features context-sensitive online help and a multimedia tutorial. IMMULITE 2000's operating system has enough storage capacity for several years' worth of patient results as well as an automated data backup function.

IMMULITE 2000 Powerful Software  Home Screen p

The Home Screen provides easy access to most system functions including a Help Icon, which provides intuitive online instruction for system maintenance, operation and software use.

IMMULITE 2000 Powerful Software Sample Status Screen

The Sample Status Screen tracks the position of any sample on the carousel in real time. Positions are color coded and numbered for easy identification. Further information including patient ID, tests requested with results, or time to result availability can also be accessed easily from this screen.

Immulite 2000 Power Software Reagent / Bead Status Screens

The Reagent / Bead Status Screens allow monitoring of onboard reagent or bead status including lot number, adjustment status, number of tests remaining, and expiration dates.

IMMULITE 2000 Training CD

The IMMULITE 2000 Training CD can be run under Windows 95 or Windows NT on any computer, and has been developed to aid in the training of both primary and secondary operators. It is interactive, using text, video, graphics and animation, and is intended as an introduction or preview of the system prior to hands-on training.

The IMMULITE 2000 Tutorial Software features information about the system, together with animation of specific sections of the analyzer. It is simply presented and easily accessible.