High-quality care due to cutting-edge medical technology at

University Hospital Cáceres, Spain

University Hospital of Caceres sought to improve the efficiency of its care delivery while also delivering an enhanced patient experience. This greenfield hospital expansion (the old hospital facility is still operational) became operational in 2019 and represents a commitment on the part of University Hospital of Caceres to become a reference hospital in the region. In pursuit of these goals, the hospital engaged Siemens Healthineers for a 10-year Value Partnership to supply innovative medical technology and carry out equipment management and maintenance. 

Value Contribution

More than 20 suppliers

Of cutting-edge technology are jointly managed by SHS and Inycom 

290 innovative units and systems

For a broad range of different specialties will be installed

Strategic alliance

To create long-term value for both patients and hospital



Extend clinical capabilities

Build the foundation to develop high-quality patient-focused healthcare activities

Improve patient outcomes

Provide innovative imaging technology to achieve accurate and safe diagnoses

Enhance reputation

Create long-term value by paving the way to become an innovative reference center 

  • 10-year performance-oriented Value Partnership to facilitate availability of innovative and state-of-the-art equipment, including imaging, monitoring, digestive endoscopy, surgery, critical care, urology, and ear, nose, throat equipment, independent of manufacturers
  • Comprehensive education program and an onsite operations team is supporting the customer in reaching its optimization and expansion targets
  • Siemens Healthineers teamed up with Inycom2 to cooperatively deliver a high-value solution

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