Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland

Optimizing operations through digital modeling at

Mater Private Hospital, Ireland

Mater Private Hospital is a leading private hospital in Ireland. Their staff recognized a need for change in the radiology department by pursuing new efficiencies in care delivery. Their goal was to overcome rising waiting times, interruptions and delays that were impacting patient experience negatively. Therefore, Mater Private decided to redesign the layout and infrastructure of the radiology department. Siemens Healthineers enabled them to deliver more value for patients using a Digital Twin for Workflow Simulation.

Value Contribution

+ 32% MRI usage

- 50 min less MRI staff overtime/day

Representing potential annual cost savings of €9,500*

- 34 min Lower MRI patient turnaround time

(Arrival to departure)



Increase efficiency

Optimize workflows while accommodating growing patient demand

Deliver high-quality care

Implement modern equipment due to rapid advances in medical technology 

Improve patient experience

Reduce rising waiting times,

Interruptions, and delays 

  • Workflow Simulation and Digital Workflow improvement delivered by our Value Partners for Healthcare Consulting: Layout redesign, process analysis, and onsite assessment were combined to build this 3D computer model of the radiology department
  • Various scenarios and modifications were simulated to identify the best configuration based on selected performance indicators, predicted outcomes, and customer strategic focus
  • With those insights we supported the customer in shaping its future operations in the most efficient way

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